Update On My Taekwondo Training In Korea

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Taekwondo
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Update On My Taekwondo Training In Korea

       I have been busy with work a lot so I cannot post as often as I would like, but here is a little update on some stuff I have been doing with Taekwondo in Korea. I basically train 3-4 times a week taking classes and free training. Master Jeong had a parents day for the kids and the students did a little demonstration of various things. I showed “English Taekwondo Class” by leading a short 10 minute min-lesson for the kids speaking English the entire time. The kids get to learn Taekwondo words in English which is a big deal for many Koreans.

I also performed some Pal Gwe forms. The floor is a bit slippery though so it is hard to make good stances. I did okay though.

In the near future master Jeong is going to publish his next self defense book. I will help him out with making sure the English translation is correct as well as be featured in photographs in the book with him as well as be in some videos that will be supplemental to the book for smartphone apps and computers. So a lot of cool things are going to happen very soon. I will keep updating my blog about this.

It is now Christmas Eve in Korea and I am going to go have some fun tonight as well as tomorrow. Keep reading and commenting!

  1. Josh says:

    So cool about the self-defense book! You will be published before me!

  2. Steve says:

    Really admire what you are doing. Are the Pal Gwe forms new to you? I have only learned the newer Taegeuk ones and am thinking maybe it would be good to learn Pal Gwe also. Merry Christmas.

    • White Dragon says:

      No I had to learn them in the nineties. I had to learn them for each belt rank while I was training as a teenager. I have always practice them ever since. Mr. John does not teach the Pal Gwe forms because Korea pretty much threw them out and only really old masters teach them. But he thinks they are important to know and wanted the parents to see a form they may have not seen before. Master Jung also memorized a couple of Shotokan kata is just for fun on his own.

    • White Dragon says:

      Also, honestly I am NOT used to wood floors. I had trouble keeping mt grip and slipped a little so my stances trip to meet up a little bit. And it caused some of my sidekick not to be better than they could be. Master Jeong has really helped me with my sidekick because I have had very hard times training my sidekick with my injuries I’ve had when I was a teenager. I have really bad knee joints but he has taught me that KTA way of throwing a sidekick & I have developed it a little bit better but it is not that great even so but it is better than it was before. I will never have a perfect sidekick and I’m okay with that I can still hit really hard and it does the job even if it is not as aesthetically pleasing.

  3. John chae says:

    Good for you!

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