I Angered General Choi’s Grand Daughter And A Bunch of ITFer’s

Posted: September 20, 2016 in Taekwondo
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I Angered General Choi’s Grand Daughter And A Bunch of ITFer’s

        Just a couple of days ago my blog got a lot of traffic from ITF people who are upset at my article about General Choi’s Juche communist sympathies. Jasmine Choi, the late grandmaster general Choi’s granddaughter also posted a comment in sheer anger with many insults about my character. Her and several ITF masters posted a lot of comments and are still doing it if you want to check that post out and read the fun.

This is what Jasmine Choi posted on my article in the comments section:

Wow. Just wow. I cannot believe the garbage I’m reading. You are extremely uneducated about ITF and about General Choi. Imbeciles like you should need to concentrate on whatever “art” you are doing and stop obsessing about someone that is deceased. And you stating General Choi holding hands with Kim Jung Il is ABSURD!!!!!!!! Maybe you need your eyes checked or you’re really that delusional clearly they are not holding hands. Get a life and continue training whatever art you practice I saw the photo of you,you look like I would be able to beat you in sparring. Not sure if you were bullied in highschool but you definitely have small man syndrome. In the martial art as a whole we address other Grandmasters and Masters either by Grandmaster,Master,etc.. or at LEAST Mr whether they are your enemy or not. It’s standard protocol. You have no respect and are spreading this nonsense to guilable readers. Such a lengthy garbage article you must have a lot of time on your hands. Who are you anyway??? Who gives you the right to write this slandering article?! Also,if someone has a photo standing beside someone means they are best friends?!? Politicians that are enemies take photos together so what?! You are extremely juvenile and I’m convinced you are a pink belt of whatever martial art you are taking up. Let my grandfather rest in piece you disrespectful little keyboard warrior. (sic)

With this happening I feel the need to further clarify my personal stance on Choi Hong Hi and the International Taekwon-Do Federation. I do not recant anything I said in previous posts, but I will further clarify my beliefs briefly. I think that if I make statements about what I believe to be historical facts and truth people who do not agree need to address them civilly with me instead of insults. All the ITF and Jasmine Choi did was insult me with name calling and straw man arguments. They did not once address the claims I made. Also they deny that in one photo General Choi is holding hands with Kim Jung Il. I personally see them holding hands in the photo. Either that or they are standing extra close! Either way it is obvious General Choi supported North Korea and did not have a problem with Kim Jung Il.

The reason I started this blog was because I dedicated my life to Taekwondo training and worked so hard to get where I am today. I love Taekwondo and I am tired of seeing it become weak and I also hate seeing it insulted by ignorant masses. Taekwondo is the butt of almost every martial art joke by so many styles of martial arts. Within Taekwondo there is a war with ITF and people who train in WTF/Kukkiwon style. Yes, maybe the heads f ITF and Kukkiwon have diplomatic meetings but the culture inside ITF and its practitioners so extremely harsh to the Kukkiwon, WTF, South Korea and practitioners of Kukki-Taekwondo. This is annoying and for decades ITF people have constantly bad mouthed South Korea, WTF and Kukkiwon and claim people who train in our style are not true fighters or real martial artists. That all we do is a sport. ITF has spouted so many logical fallacies and insults about our martial art it is time someone like me defends it and fights back not pulling any punches. The ITF can disrespect so much about Taekwondo people while claiming their Taekwon-Do is the only truth, yet they cannot receive equal and just criticism. They can dish it out but cannot take it. They are overly sensitive. WTF and Kukki stylists have taken so much trash we have only developed way thicker skin. This is something people like Jasmine Choi and ITF followers need as well. She and her followers will insult me and claim I am not respectful enough to be a master yet she herself is insulting and being respectful on my blog. She has posted a bunch of name calling insults to me and wrongful judgments about my character. Yet she is the daughter of a master and acts this way and claims I should not be a master? This is hypocritical.

I assumed she must have been an ITF master ranked practitioner but according to her Facebook page on various comments on some of her photos it is stated that she does not actually train in Taekwon-Do and has not for over 20 years. She does aerobics or something. So she is not at all a master of martial arts yet she wants to lecture people about being a master. According to ITF you are only a master at 6th or 7th dan I believe and that takes a long time. She is only 35 years old and has not trained for 20 years. That means she had to have quit training as a teenager. No way she is a master of Taekwon-Do or any martial art. Her sole authority lays on her being a member of the Choi family. That is not impressive.

The ITF has always vehemently opposed the Kukkiwon yet time and time again the KTA and Kukkiwon give them a voice and want to meet and create some kind of diplomacy. It never works out. Nothing seems to appease ITF. We don’t need ecumenical attitudes anymore. Just be separate and do our own thing.

Now we have MMA onlyists who think all traditional martial arts sucks especially Taekwondo bad mouthing our martial art. I try my best to defend Taekwondo as a true fighting art that is not only good for self defense, but capable in MMA competition. But to do it honestly I have to also criticize all mcdojang groups and even the wrong things I see the Kukkiwon do from time to time. This blog does not only attack the ITF. In fact ITF posts are not the majority of what I post on my blog. I spend more time criticizing other mcdojang organizations. I also openly criticize the Kukkiwon when it does things I think are ridicuous. Especially Taekwondo dancing and other nonsense. I have always wanted to promote Taekwondo as a martial art, a real fighting system that we can be proud of training in without feeling embarrassed to admit it. Mcdojangism needs to stop. I did not spend over 20 years of my life wasting my time in a dance style or something that cannot save my life if it is threatened. I trained hard in Taekwondo fighting to stand up against bullies and other types of threats. Kukki-Taekwondo has only made me strong both physically and mentally. It works! It is a true martial art. A true fighting art.

With that being said, this is what I believe about General Choi. Take it or leave it!

General Choi was one of the founders of Taekwondo. He was very influential in the early stages especially on the name of Taekwondo. It is debatable if he came up with the name by himself or he simply used a suggested name by one of his associates who brought it up. No matter, he is the one who promoted the name Taekwondo and if it was not for this we would not be training in a martial art with this name. The KTA changed the name from Taekwondo to Tae Soo Do and General Choi influenced them to change it back. I thank him for this as Taekwondo is the best name for our martial art. On the other hand Choi later emphasized the name has to be spelled in English as “Taekwon-Do” which has no grammatical purpose and has nothing to do with original Korean language. Hangul has no hyphens and it is not necessary to translate into English. He changed the spelling to simply differentiate his style as something other than what the KTA and Kukkiwon were doing.

General Choi deserves credit where it is due and he deserves acknowledgement as a historic Taekwondo figure. He heavily promoted kwan unification with other founders and wanted to promote a truly Korean martial art. That is the only respect I can give him.

General Choi had the intention of what the Kukkiwon says is “a power man.” He wanted full control with no question of the KTA. This is why the KTA masters asked him to resign and forced him to step down. He had the attitude of a dictator within the KTA and had a huge ego. The other kwan leaders did not like this nor should they have.

General Choi did sympathize with Juche philosophy (which is North Korean communism) as he named a form with that name. He moved to North Korea and died there. He is buried there and given high honor by North Korea. I think this is wrong and the ITF should openly declare what Kim Jung Eun is doing is wrong. Because of the Kim dynasty millions of North Koreans starved to death and many South Koreans were murdered and many soldiers both South Korean and Americans died fighting this evil. Now we have constant nuclear threats by a crazed lunatic in North Korea, and the ITF simply wants to be diplomatic and kind to them and allow North Korean ITF to come to various countries (including USA) to do demonstrations. Screw that! How can ITF justify Choi going to North Korea to teach them martial arts, essentially teaching their soldiers how to fight better which will in turn be used to kill defectors in North Korea, and South Korean and US soldiers if there is another fight. How is this okay? Explain it Jasmine Choi and explain it ITF! Was it really to unify both Korea’s in peace by teaching them killing techniques? How so? How is this a peace mission and not a slight at South Korea?

General Choi was a 2 star general when he was president of KTA but he was not a martial arts master. There is no evidence to support he had a master rank in Japanese Karate under Funikoshi. The only rank people can argue for is up to 2nd dan, yet there is not sufficient evidence to support he has a black belt when he was trying to run the KTA. The official Kukkiwon stance that I learned while in Korea taking their course is that Choi was in fact not actually a black belt and instead self trained without a dojo. He was given an honorary 4th dan black belt by Duk Sung Son of the Chungdokwan. That means he was given an honorary rank and not a skilled and tested rank through an actual promotion test. Duk Sung Son later recanted that and openly wrote in a news paper that he revoked Choi’s 4th dan because he was upset at Choi’s attitude and Choi literally demanded he be given a 5th dan rank. So Choi was not happy with honorary 4th dan and demanded even more rank. That is ego. So as he started the ITF he had no real rank by a legitimate grandmaster to fall back on such as Funikoshi like other founders of Taekwondo. Most of the other founders of Taekwondo who are usually ignored by ITF members when giving credit to people actually were legitimate martial arts masters and had 4th and 5th degree black belts. Some also studied for may years Chinese martial arts and were masters of Kung Fu styles. Choi did not have such skills or any ranks. Choi came up with a name, but skill and technique-wise he did not create Taekwondo.

ITF is not the only true organization of Taekwondo. It is simply an organization of another style of martial arts apart from Korea. The Korean government recognizes Kukki-Taekwondo as their national martial art much like Japan’s government officially recognized Japanese Karate such as Shotokan and others as official Japanese martial arts. Black belts have always been recognized and affirmed by the government of the country the martial arts were founded in. Going back to Japanese Karate all the way to Korean Taekwondo, the black belt certifications have always been government recognized. It is a very important thing and the KTA was (and Kukkiwon now is) officially recognized by the Korean government. ITF is not. ITF is recognized by Canada’s government making it a Canadian organization. Later North Korea recognizes it.

I do not think Choi completely sucked at martial arts. Sure he had skills but he was not good enough to found a martial art style when he did. The ITF does have some legitimate martial arts techniques such as basic kicks and punches etc. but I do not think their forms were put together well and Choi creating the sine-wave shows he really did not understand proper physics or actual combat very well. The other masters of various kwans actually were real fighters and knew combat. Even so I personally do practice some ITF forms such as Hwa Rang and a few others I like. I also understand that the KTA in early promotion tests accepted a couple of Choi’s tul as testable material for rank. Historic Taekwondo forms are always something I am interested in learning.

ITF does have some good fighters. For instace Coner McGregor has an ITF background and is a black belt and uses ITF style Taekwon-Do techniques in the UFC. Many of the techniques are also similar to Kukki-Taekwondo techniques. So I may not personally like the ITF but I do not deny some of their people are good at fighting or that some of their techniques can work. I have always maintained this position ever since I started this blog. Yet, Kukki/WTF has had people like Anderson Silva (one of the best fighters of all time in MMA) with training history and black belt ranks.

I do not think Taekwondo needs to be ecumenical and support all of the organizations. I think separation is best. ITF can do its own thing and stay out of our business and we can do the same to them. But they should stop acting like they are the sole truth of Taekwondo and should only claim they are their own style.

I will not support ITF because of its historic ties to North Korea and Juche communism. My article has all the information on that and anyone can read it.

If the ITF and people like Jasmine Choi can only name call, ridicule, straw man, and use various other logical fallacies to argue their case then that is pathetic and only shows ITF acts like a cult and needs to chill out. If it wasn’t for her being related to General Choi she would be just another woman who used to train as a teenager. There are many people like that. Her being related to General Choi does not prove her correct or true. She needs to argue logically and politely with me if she wants to debate something. That goes for all ITF people who disagree with me. Don’t be a hypocrite and say I am disrespectful therefore I am not a true Taekwondo master yet do the same thing to me while claiming to be an important Taekwondo figure.

My blog may be extremely critical about the ITF (something I never hide), but it is also very critical of things that the Kukkiwon does and WTF and other groups as well. I do not refrain from expressing my opinion about Taekwondo and martial arts no matter my allegiance. I am Kukki-Taekwondo and ranked as a master and proud of it. I fully believe Kukkiwon is the true Korean Taekwondo organization, but yet I will not refrain from often criticizing them for things I don’t agree with that they do (and there are plenty!).

The ITF has yet to prove me wrong about my claims on General Choi’s communist sympathy.

Again, I will declare General Choi Hong Hi, 2 star general, first president of the KTA and “namer” of the martial art of Taekwondo, deserves credit as one of the founders of Taekwondo and promotion of Korean martial arts. But that is all. Nothing else he did benefited our martial art but instead himself and the ITF.


  1. Eomer says:

    LOL ITFers triggered much.

    • White Dragon says:

      Pretty much.

      Again I agree with Taekwondowon giving a plaque to Choi for his historic role in TAekwondo and it should be enough for them to shut up but they are still complaining.

      I don’t hate General Choi or his family who are alive today. BUt I am simply dropping actual knowledge I found out by looking this crap up. We cannot only go by propagandized history from Taekwondo Times magazine.

      Choi did some good stuff early on but he did what he did and I cannot support the North Korean sympathy he had. It seems even his son does not agree with it either currently. So why does his daughter try to act as if what I said in my article is wrong? Choi did sympathize with Juche!

      I don’t hate ITF or its people I just will not train in it or support it. If an ITF gym opened near me I would be friends with the guy. I don’t care. To me it is about martial arts.

      Nobody who is normal begins Taekwondo training for politics or to join a religion, social club, or whatever. They join to learn how to fight!!! This is what we should focus on. This is why the Kukkiwon is always deveoping and adapting while ITF remains the same “this is what Choi says” nonsense. He never allowed ITF to develop better and instead created some stupid sine wave.

      Maybe a ot of stupid things happen in the Olympics and it is a boring sport but the martial art of Kukki Taekwondo is always getting better and I was in Korea. I know they are trying hard to stay strong and combative with Taekwondo. Yes there are things I hate like Taekwondo dancing, but I ignore that.

      ITF comes off to me as more focused on making sure people love General Choi and follow his way and be a part of an organization than actually developing individual fighters and martial artists.

      If someone told me they want to do Taekwondo and there is an ITF gym near by I would tell them GO DO IT! TRAIN! I don’t care. If that is what is available do it.

      I even practice some of General Choi’s forms. I actually think Hwa Rang and Kwan Gae and others are solid forms. For a long time I wanted to get an ITF black belt a long with my Kukkiwon black belt. Now days I don’t care anymore. I don’t need it, but to others who do earn rank that is great for them!

      Jasmine Choi needs to get a clue and think outside her protected environment of Choi worshippers and talk to other martial artists in other style, not even Taekwondo but other styles too. Expand your mind.

      Also if I had a relative who did someting wrong I would admit it. If I had an uncle or grandpa who supported something bad like North Korea I would admit it. I doesn’t tae away other things Choi did like promoting the name Taekwondo (which he later changed the spelling for ITF to be Taekwon-Do, while all Koreans simply write Taekwondo).

      ITFers are so freaking triggered and cannot have a rational conversation. When they lose arguments or do not have a good enough answer and you call them out on it they instead pull out their “you are disrespectful, a real martial arts master should show respect” bomb and act like they no longer have to defend a position.

      Disagreeing with someone does not mean a lack of respect. They would never win an actual debate with these tactics.

      It is time people stop hiding behind false respect and honor and start being real. All of this BS has got to stop and my blog is one spark to hoepfully cause people to just actually straightly talk. In the real world people are not always so friendly and it is ok! I don’t have to bow and say Mr. Master so and so blah blah. Get over it. Demanding that is purely ego.

      • ITF dude says:

        I think it’s just US martial arts (having seen the ATA) and NK culture which indulges people into Choi worship. I respect the general but I don’t worship him same with the Chang Hon style(itf) practioners in the British isle. And I think she took deep offence because honour is a big thing in Asian family culture, saying Choi was a NK commie ruins the family name.

      • White Dragon says:

        Well he shouldn’t have done that then should he have? He ruined his own family name.

      • ITF dude says:

        Surprisingly Juche was a replacement pattern. It replaced another pattern because the NKs didn’t like the original and refused to promote Itf. So Choi had to make a sympathetic pattern so the NKs would adopt itf. Choi was born in Pyongyang and still say the NKs as countrymen and a Korean so that can explain his friendly attitude. Most Koreans still say the north as fellow countrymen just with a different ideology. Plus I’m pretty sure he would get executed if he stood up to a mad, tyrannical regime led by Kim il sung.

      • White Dragon says:

        If he would get executed why would he go over there in the first place and care to give them his ITF? Use some logic…

        And no Koreans do not say “Oh yes North Koreans are our countrymen!!” NO THEY DON’T!

      • ITF dude says:

        Well many Koreans see the North as of the same people. A lot of South Koreans deeply pity the impoverished northerners. And he went to the North to get advantage over the KTA and newly formed WTF with his ITF.

  2. Hamilcar says:

    I’m glad at least you are pointing these things out about ITF. No one else appears to be doing so. Someone has to.

  3. Team High Kick says:

    I appreciate your passion for Taekwondo. . .

    However, just note that you may be unintentionally sending a mixed message with your recent posts. From the outside, if one doesn’t have the contexts to understand what you are saying nor does the due diligence of reading posts thoroughly, they can incorrectly infer that you are saying that ITF sucks, the Kukkiwon sucks, the WTF sport sucks, ATA sucks, etc., therefore Taekwondo sucks. . .

    I know that you are making the effort, doing your due diligence and want to share that information. You may just want to mix up the topics a little more. . .

    For example, I would like someone to show how the Taekwondo curriculum comes together beautifully. It’s about applying the techniques of poomsae (forms) to the situations of hosinsool (self defense) with dynamics of kyurugi (sparring) and the power of kyukpa (breaking). . .

    To explain why we break boards and not eachother. The real combat is outside of the dojang and outside of the sport. Soldiers don’t hurt eachother as part of preparing for battle. MMA fighter don’t injur themselves as part of preparing for a fight. Hurting eachother is arguably counter productive. . .

    Show the beauty of forms. The down block is not only a block but the same mechanics of a strike, pushing someone down with the forearm by the side of the neck, getting out of a wrist grab, getting out of someone grabbing your shoulder and pulling someone down by the shoulder. Forward stance is not only a stance to for striking at a distance but also the same mechanics for pushing and defending against getting pushed and taken down. The basic down block, forward stance and punch are the same mechanics for takedowns. Put a sword or two sticks in one’s hands while doing the forms, and one has the same mechanics for kumdo and eskrima, etc. . .

    Even your photo of Gen. Choi with a double block and his leg up is the same mechanics for a Muay Tai guard. . .

    There is an old Josun text describing Gaksul (kicking). It says that one that isn’t good at it kicks low to distract, the average one kicks at the body to stop and the expert kicks at the head to knockout. . .

    Just as we analyze the applications and practicality, so did every previous generation. Nothing is new, it’s just a new generation asking the same old questions. The difference is that his generation learns through lectures, seminars and the internet not through hands on experience and real world application. . .

    Long story short, Taekwondo is awesome. I hope your posts gets that message out clearly. I personally appreciate both the breadth and depth of Taekwondo that includes the ATA, ITF, Kukkiwon, WTF, Taekwonmoo, K Tigers, etc. Just as we don’t like someone limitting Taekwondo to WTF sparring and sport, we shouldn’t limit Taekwondo to just a bunch of people learning fight. The early KTA was a weak organization and the kwans had a bad stigma. We turned Taekwondo from something considered negative into something positive with social value. In the public eye, we went from a group of gangsters to social leaders. This generation doesn’t understand, but the previous does. . .

    As for the ITF, Chong Hon is awesome. I hope they remove Juche and go back to Kodong. As the last form is Tongil, I hope they reconcile their history with the future, the desparate internal separation and come back home. ITF has a father, but they also have a mother, grand parents and brothers and sisters. . .

    I think I understand your intent. I’m just adding my 2 cents although uneliquently. . .

    • White Dragon says:

      I can agree partly with what you are saying and I believe my blog has enough positive articles about taekwondo fighting like you mentioned. You just came across this one.

      BUt I canot agree that ATA or other groups are acceptable. They are big problem for why TKD is seen as a joke to outsiders.

      • Team High Kick says:

        Just be contious that you don’t do the same thing to the other groups that you dislike outsiders doing to Taekwondo. . .

        I haven’t really looked at the internet in regards to Taekwondo, so am supprised by the negative comments, nature of discussions and the lack of accurate information. I just happened to have stumbled upon your blog while doing some research on Soobak, Ssireum and Taek Kyeon. . .

        I lean toward blaming myself as part of the overall Taekwondo community thinking we should of done a better job. So, I lean toward wanting to help. . .

        There seems to be just too much advertising and not enough concrete support online. . .

        It appears to be the same generic process. Someone posts a video of a WTF match, someone comments that Taekwondo sucks, then another comments that ITF is better because they punch, still another comments about old school Taekwondo causing a chain reaction. . .

        A lot of it has to do with ignorance, so I understand your frustration. . .

        I use to promote Taekwondo when no one knew what it was, so I tend to see everyone as part of the same family. . .

        Just suggesting you gain students and build relationships with the ATA, ITF, etc. practitioners rather than make enemies. You might find that you have the same goals. . .

        If you want more information on history and traditional sparring against Judo, boxing, wrestling, Kempo, Quan Fa, etc. let me know. The 1st. generation already crosstrained, tested things out and put that knowledge back. . .

  4. Michael says:

    I am a red belt in wtf Taekwondo.i train in a legit Taekwondo school.four of my sparring partners -classmates are state champions the others are kicking maniacs(all we do are100%cardio and insurance).the trainning is tough and the school competes a lot.i have competed in some tournaments in Europe especially in Bulgaria.In my school is really hard to get your black belt.we also do forms once in 3 weeks-month and self defense.the problem is that I have awful hands.my instructor has also a black belt in itf and teaches some boxing in the adults classes(he really hates everything that has to do with the international Taekwondo federaration as I do).today I asked him to do some boxing sparring ,he said ok and I got my ass kicked really bad .ive practiced alone basic combinations of boxing but I have never sparred like that.i am afraid to go to an mma/boxing school because I will get bad habits for Taekwondo and I want to get a meds next year in star championships what do you advice me to do

    • Team Hi KICK says:

      Ideally, you should be doing a lot of controlled contact free sparring as well as other types of sports related sparring like boxing and wrestling as part of hoshinsool (self defense) training. . .

      When that’s not a real option, do alot of shadow sparring, sparring against a bag and incorporate more close range body punching into your WTF sparring sessions. This implies that you will need to incorporate blocks, guards, footwork, close in, etc. Instead of the common slide in punch and slide out tactic used in point sparring, when the opportunity presents itself, close in and execute a 1 2 3 combo for your own personal training rather than for points. You’ll find your training partners will likely punch back in response. . .

      • White Dragon says:

        It is hard to find gyms who do this but they DO exist. I know for a fact in Korea a few grandmasters are doing real fighting now and less Olympic sparring.

        I teach with boxing as well.

  5. EX-ITF....... says:

    Well written article, certainly the truth should be known to all. I do agree with the statement regarding General Choi, also as another point ITF forms much of it has been copied from karate with alterations made in many places adding kicks and sine wave as a last to make it different.
    This is a complete joke, anyone trained in karate can see the General simply plagiarised karate.
    The crap ITF Doboks, belts even the General hardly wore the dobok, not much you would find him in a dobok anyway. I hate ITF, there all a bunch of theives operating under the organisation the art itself will soon become extinct! Already many people have/ are changing the ITF forms, some have even given the credit back to the Japanese by removing the Korean names of the forms and replacing with Japanese names! Afterall ITF is plagiarised, anyone wishing to learn Taekwondo needs to learn Kukkiwon Taekwondo.

    • Green Beast says:

      Reading the article not only was I impressed with the detailed information but I was also stunned that you and several others (including many ITF certified practitioners) have also put the info out. A gentlemen, who owns a school out in the east coast, went to NJ to have interviewed an old ChungDo Kwan grandmaster and said exactly what you said.The more sources I find sharing this info, the more I’m convinced how ITF was just a fall back and in a way a TKD group to bring pay back for Choi before he died 2002. Also, I know a 6th dan ITF instructor (who I call “master”) knows Jasmine. I must admit, she is the Kim Kardashian of ITF. Only a face. Doesn’t contribute to the group in a way that promotes or further helps spread ITF in the US. She was invited to come train and see how it’s done with an WTF school. She was given the honor of friendship and and free training, told the master of that WTF school to f*** off. Simple closed minded girl. No real understanding of martial arts.

      • White Dragon says:

        Yeah she is a party girl and single for a reason. I was flirting with her on facebook to be funny. She was interested for a second but eventually ignored me. The only thing cool about her is her conservative political views which align with mine. Other than that she is in denial about her grandpa being a total commie supporting cuck. Even her own father admitted it was all about North Korea in news articles and he was a trained assassin who was to kill a south korean president. It is so wacky. I would never let my kids join an ITF group but I would say an older kid who knows this stuff and understand who has limited training options should not refrain from training with ITF people. I even visited a former ITF gym before. We can all be friends but I do not support Choi in anyway but I ONLY acknowledge his influence for early Taekwondo.

  6. By The Way Sir…I love this article….VERY GOOD SiR! VERY GOOD!!

  7. Trev Hill says:

    I’m curious if you still hold such charitable thoughts about both WT(F) and Kukkiwon now that several high ranking members are languishing in cells on corruption charges?

    • White Dragon says:

      I never held “charitable” thoughts about the KKW. I knew about it’s history and former corruption and I was not suprised about what happened recently.

      I respect the office of the KKW and what Korea was doing, not the politicians and corrupt businessmen who get put into positions. And just because of what happened int he KKW does not somehow negate all of the bullshit General Choi did and what the ITF was doing.

      So right now I am just sitting back and watching. I rspect the Korean way of Taekwondo. I have lost respect or concern for the WTF since the early 00’s so that is a non issue as I hate the WTF now.

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