This Is What The Kukkiwon And WTF Should Be Supporting

Posted: October 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

This Is What The Kukkiwon And WTF Should Be Supporting

        If the leaders at the Kukkiwon were smart they would realize we live in a Kyeoktuki, or MMA, world and people want martial arts to work. Here is a Taekwondo world champion in Olympic Taekwondo, the WTF sport, who has entered MMA and has had some success and some losses as well. Point is, there was NO challenge for him or avenue for him after Olympic sport. What does a Taekwondo fighter do after he wins world championships? There is NO money in Taekwondo sparring competition. That is why Taekwondo sport is a sport for rich people who can afford all of the ridiculous prices for gear and special uniforms and other money making crap they charge everyone for. The poor and average middle class student cannot actually afford to do this or go to the Olympics in America. Even if they did have the cash, after they win it all or whatever the outcome is, there is no way to make money. Teaching sport? We live in an MMA world and people want martial arts to work in fights.

Check out Hong Young-Ki. A Korean, Taekwondo based fighter in Mixed Martial Arts.

Notice how he said the sport became boring. What will he do now? There is no professional level of Taekwondo. The only option is kickboxing or MMA. If the Kukkiwon got smart they would realize this should be the future of Korean Taekwondo. To support real fighters who can make Taekwondo respected more. The fact he is undertaking MMA is inspiring. The Kukkiwon or WTF should have a Kyeoktuki league for more serious combat sports. They need to have a Korean fight team that trains and has a camp in the Kukkiwon or Taekwondowon. Or just local dojangs. These are the types of fighters who will develop real Taekwondo to the next level. Ktigers and demo teams, and scorpion kicking sportists are regressing Taekwondo.

I think the Kukkiwon should capitalize on this and start promoting the serious nature of Taekwondo. Korean-cultural-kicking daycare centers around the world should not be the extend of Korea’s martial arts cultural export of Taekwondo, and should not be the end goal. Taekwondo fighting should. Accept challenges and fight. You can still promote the positive attitudes and character building of martial arts. MMA does not take away from the traditional aspects of Taekwondo and having someone from this traditional martial art doing more realistic combat sports should give major respect to Taekwondo as a whole. Uniforms, bowing, poomsae, and more. In actuality Ktigers and demo teams are ruining the traditional aspects of Taekwondo with their gangster-wannabe backwards hats and egotistical behavior on the dance stage.

Kukkiwon please support MMA!!! Join in or get left behind. This is reality and many people are realizing it, especially us waygukin (foreigners).

  1. Leigh says:

    I’m with you on this. There really is nowhere to go to for a Taekwondo fighter after gaining championship if there’s no support to bring it to the MMA.

  2. James says:

    I am totally with you on this. Taekwondo fighters should get the support they need to go pro.

  3. Hey there, 1st I Really Appreciate your hard work White Dragon…and as far As Taekwondo Principals Go I Agree Wth ya….100% In retrospect the Kyorugi Definitely NEEDS Its Evolution to Become a Desired Sporting Event for Everyone To Enjoy. I hear ya….and at The same time KTigers Mirme Taekwondo and Taekwondo Demonstration Team Events DO NOT REGRESS the growth of Taekwondo. In Fact, currently they are part of the Major Reason Why #Taekwondo has reached its Huge GLOBAL POPULARiTY! So I’ve got to Say That your Emphasis that Taekwondo as A Sport / or As An Art Has Gone DOWNHiLL iN YOUR EYES because of #ktigers and #mirmeTaekwondo and Segye Poomsae Teams / USA Taekwondo Poomsae Nationals / ETC……is 100% invalid. Also Another Point…what’s wrong with creating a Business Based on Taekwondo? ALL Dojang OWNERS ARE VERY COURAGEOUS to Even Decide that Teaching And Spreading the Tenets of Taekwondo will be a Way of life is Demonstrates MORE COURAGE than any foolish ground Soldier About to Step into the field with no prior Intelligence about his Combatants! I will never be a Force to tell anyone what they Should SAY…”But Trust Me I Will Always Be There To Clean Off any BULLSHIT”
    The Goal here is To Create the Brand Name of #Taekwondo so That there is more Interaction with Viewers….WE NEED MORE Taekwondo Dojangs OPENiNG UP!! No One Ever Has A GOLDEN BOOK OF HOW #Taekwondo is SUPPOSED TO BE TAUGHT AND TO ONL A SELECT FEW….that mentality is way different than the Natural of #GrowthMindset by Carol Dweck PhD (Stanford Brain Development).
    No matter what, “HOW WE WANT and HOW IT CURRENTLY IS” are Solely Dependent On The GLOBAL MARKET Based Upon The Branding of #Taekwondo on world wide.
    With Saying this….don’t get me wrong i believe the Game Aspect of Kyorugi NEEDS Immediate Review and Correctly Designed For The Athletes To perform an their Optimum Levels……and Once the Framework for Taekwondo Kyorugi is SOLIDiFiED then the Events and Tournaments can naturally Attract Bigger Crowds who want To be somehow involved.
    I Can Tell what you would love to see is the Full Combat in olympic style taekwondo which is totally fine…and to do that ya gotta create a significant buzz around that topic. There are so Many ways to Monetize Taekwondo Tournaments in a Manner That Feels Right….rather than any current way of hosting. So I am curious do you Own and Operate a Dojang? if so what is your Student count as of October 2017? Do you operate with staff or do you just expect that all black belt Students will Teach For you For FREE!?!?! #LOL That old Mentality Has Nothing More Than a Big BULLY who Thrives on CONTROL and POWER….#LOL Also have you designed/operated a taekwondo tournament? I’m truly curious so please I’d love for us to talk more…thank you sir have A beautiful day

    • White Dragon says:

      I am not sure I understand why you are saying all of this.

      All I believe is Taekwondo is a martial art. It is an effective martial art. People train in martial arts to learn how to fight and save their lives, with that they learn positive life traits and attitudes that help them and make the world a better place.

      We don’t need to gain more populairty when we already had it before!!! We los tout to BJJ and MMA now because Taekeondo people refused to adapt and keep their combat techniques with the times.

      Nobody actually likes to watch Taekwondo tournaments. They are extremely boring and people do not do much in them but play point tag. They used to be harder fighters and about combat. Old WTF sparring shows people with my heart fighting who want to be martial artists and not just play it safe and try to look cool and win a medal.

      Poomsae style was good before, but the WTF tournaments have made it more dainty and weaker. Poomsae has NOTHING on Kata from Karate. Kata will always look stronger, crisper, stronger and more martial. Poomsae has become weak and they do not emphasize the power they should and do not even care to teach applications and self defense through poomsae. A few people do but it is so rare.

      Taekwondo instead is now a performance art. It attracts performance art type of people and those who are not fighters and do not care to know self defense. These people have zero martial arts attitude and just want to show off techniques but not know how to use them. Why would we want this type of people taking over Taekwondo and the popular group be these people inside Taekwondo? It’s not the TKD I loved.

      There are already enough gyms in the world claiming to b Taekwondo. Why not make the existing gyms real? Why open more dance studios to promote demo teams? We need the current TKD gyms to be official Kukkiwon and also promote the fighting arts. Every city has a Taekwondo gym.

      I run a martial arts program and am just starting out.

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