When Will The MMA Community Get It? It Is Time To Start Hiring Taekwondo Striking Coaches At Your Gyms!

Posted: January 19, 2017 in Taekwondo
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When Will The MMA Community Get It? It Is Time To Start Hiring Taekwondo Striking Coaches At Your Gyms!

        The last UFC Fight Night showed a one sided beatdown of MMA legend BJ Penn who is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu prodigy. In this case, Taekwondo actually defeated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Hard to believe I know! Many probably won’t admit it. BJ Penn could not keep on him or do anything but get hit and evaded.

Rodriguez threw a variety of kicks including a tornado round kick that bashed BJ pretty hard even though he had his arm blocking his face you could tell it still hurt. The video doe snot show the full fight, but even a hopping side kick was thrown that connected.

It is about time that the MMA community stops being biased towards Taekwondo and stops the nonsense claims that it doesn’t work when it clearly does. It is time to start giving jobs to Taekwondo masters and coaches who know the Taekwondo striking game very well and ca benefit your gyms. It is ridiculous not to. A Taekwondo striking coach deserves full respect and should be teaching fighters along side Muay Thai coaches and Boxing coaches. There is no excuse not to. Taekwondo should be equally respected as a serious skillset to teach fighters for MMA and self defense. There are going to be more beat downs like this over time and have been in the past. Taekwondo is dynamic and offers so many angles and ranges of kicking that Muay Thai does not. Taekwondo people have a new mind and idea to teach your fighters new techniques.

Stop the biased hatred of Taekwondo and start being open minded. MMA has progressed beyond telegraphed heavy kicks and boxing.

  1. Hamilcar says:

    Yeah, it’s getting ridiculous at this point. The more I study TMA the more I am convinced that they are advanced and the combat sports are lagging behind. Taekwondo, is arguable the most advanced with a lineage going from China to Japan to Korea.

    The only reason TKD kicks were underutilized was because none of these guys were training them. Even when Cheator Belfort was, TRT-assisted, spin hook kicking people his striking coach considered those kicks as “extra”.
    My favorite example is John Makdessi. His first UFC fight looked like something out of Tekken and as his fights went on his TKD was less and less. Thanks, TriStar gym. Guy was 7-0 with TKD and you tell him he needs to jab the whole fight.

    TKD has so many advantages, my favorite is how much comes from the front leg chamber. Your opponent doesn’t know what you are going to kick him with. Even with a spin there are so many options. I just learned the spin back roundhouse kick. Guy is all set up thinking you are going to spin back sidekick him and a leg comes and round kicks him in the head from a completely different direction.

    The horse stance fighting stance: They’ve been saying it doesn’t work. Because they’d just leg kick the front leg. I’ve stood there and demonstrated to these guys how the leg is in the same position on the mat as an orthodox stance. But, oh, no! It’s vulnerable! How? There are two defenses to a leg kick: the check or the switch. Both can be done from the horse stance in exactly the same manner as an orthodox stance. Further, unless the guy feel like kicking you in the back or is a southpaw, there goes his power leg thai kick. One huge advantage.

    Anyway, I can keep ranting. I’m cutting it short.

    • White Dragon says:

      Right they immediately think that because you do TKD you have to re-learn how to kick or that you need to use your Taekwondo less and do not want to give credit that a move is actually from Taekwondo and not Muay Thai, or that we have the same kicks in some respects.

      I am not sure what you mean by the horse stance and leg checks. Do you have a video I could see?

      Yes the spinning round house kick is interesting. It works a lot in sport Karate to tag for points, but the spinning in the opposite direction of the kick weakens the power of the kick. But you could do it probably if you can slow it up enough to add power at the right moment to bang the guys head. Some people called it the snake kick. This kick works very good on shorter people too.

      Having the balance that Taekwondo gives you also is important but people seem to put agility on the back burner.

      Anyway hopefully Taekwondo guys can get jobs at MMA gyms and we can get the legitimacy we deserve and get paid to help train fighters. If you put in the work and hone good skill and become a master you should be able to teach not just Taekwondo but self defense and fight training.

  2. Hamilcar says:

    Another thought: Will you be doing a post on the new Taekwondo forms? I am curious what your thoughts are on them since they are a bit controversial.

    • White Dragon says:

      I don’t know it is all so boring to me. I am getting s sick of “forms culture” in Taekwondo and how people think the ultimate goal of Taekwondo is to do stupid modern standard poomsae movements your entire life an never hit a heavy bag.
      Keep in mind I also cannot stand Olympic style sportists who never train poomsae as well.

      But I really hate the new poomsae and think it is incredibly crappy and just showing off. Taekwondo is being forced into becoming a performance art to show off and look cool and not actually for fighting anymore. The leadership seems to want to make Taekwondo like Wushu and we are seeing the tricking culture mixed in Taekwondo with all the “BOYAAA OHHHH’s” included. I do not like the Asia Pacific Union poomsae because they do not have any combat purposes and no one can explain the self defense logic. They are made way too difficult for the aveage person to do. Not everyone who is a Taekwondoin is a gymnast. Gymnastics is not Taekwondo. So all the high arial kicks are a bit too much.

      I just do not want to write an entire article about it. I think you can just read this comment as my article.

      If they made poomsae more like the original forms or even Tae geuk, but added in the alternative hand strikes and kicks of Taekwondo that were never included in poomsae but are stil park of our system I would approve. But they are not really.

      There are a TON of idiots in Taekwondo, even the Kukki style and even idiots running the Kukkiwon (depending on who gets voted out or fired for corruption) but there are many non-masters and non-martial artists running the office. So it is no wonder dumb things happen. There are so many idiots in facebook groups too. So many dumb foreigners not only Koreans involved in Taekwondo and do not give a damn about making it a strong martial art. All they care about is historic linage of their personal training to kwons and korean masters and drinking beer. Bunch of old guys who are full of shit and lying to themselves about their skills.

      • Josh says:

        I’m tired of this poomsae culture as well, and I’m pretty good at poomsae. At one point my blog was all about poomsae. People try to find the answer to everything in their forms…and I don’t think it’s there. You really need to spar a lot to figure out what really works and what doesn’t work.

  3. FrankDC says:

    Well written! There are the 4 ranges of fighting (kicking-punching-trapping-grappig) and one needs to be proficient in all 4. Arts like TKD are a full part of the 4 ranges, and deserve their place.

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