WTF And ITF Merger In The Works

        There is a WTF and ITF merger in the works. World Taekwondo which used to be called World Taekwondo Federation (because they are PC and have an irrational feeling that WTF does not give them good publicity, when in reality the acronym WTF gave them more exposure than they ever would have had online and they should have kept it as it sounds way cooler than simply WT), is planning a merger with the International Taekwon-Do Federation in North Korea.

Apparently, the Trump train has influenced the Koreas so much that even the 2 leading Taekwondo sport organizations want to merge together or world peace and for “globalization.” Whatever that means. Taekwondo already is global but apparently they have to have 2 groups be cool with each other.

Here is the article you can read:

Two taekwondo bodies to launch joint organization for integration

Another article:
Two international taekwondo bodies agree to create joint organization for integration

I have so many questions like,

What is the point? How will this benefit both of the organizations who both have different philosophies and goals? Is it good for South Korea? Of course any recognition like this is good for North Korea and legitimizes them.

Will people still train in 2 different rules sets for 2 different ports as well as 2 different martial art styles? Both organizations sport formation have very different rules and levels of contact. Will it be light contact or full contact? Will they have to wear full Olympic gear or not as much? How will the Olympics be conducted? I was certain that already with Olympic Taekwondo any Taekwondo person from any organization with a black belt can enter the Olympics. ITF people already can join the Olympics if they want to. They don’t have to have a Kukkiwon black belt. So how does this join group change anything that isn’t already happening?

How are they going to spell the word Taekwondo? Will it be “Taekwondo” or “Taekwon-Do?” In the article it is spelled the ITF way with “Taekwon-Do.” Are we REALLY going to hyphenate it now? That is going to piss a lot of Kukkiwon people off and be tedious and annoying. I refuse to spell it that way.

What uniforms will people wear? The ITF terrible looking doboks with black stripes on the pant legs? The ITF fashion sense is atrocious and always has been. Or will they continue to wear the sleek WTF approved doboks that actually look good? Or are we going to mix it and combine it wit a hybrid uniform? Please no! Or will people just wear whatever uniform they want whether it be ITF or WTF approved? On the other hand if Taekwondo went “open gi style” like Karate and ditched the v-neck for the original robe style kimono they used to wear in the 50’s I would not object. It would be practical and look pretty cool. The new Y-neck doboks don’t do any justice. We need a strong uniform that can be grabbed and trained hard in self defense in.

ITF is more than a sport organisation. ITF functions as it’s own Kukkiwon (which is it’s martial art and self defense style) as well as a sport organization for tournaments. There is no difference. On the other hand the Kukkiwon is the black belt certification and world organization that develops the martial art of Taekwondo as a whole, and the WTF is strictly the sport organization that conducts tournaments for both sparring and forms. And is this new hybrid organization going to be strictly for the sport? Or also the martial art and self defense aspect of the 2 TKD’s as well?

A possible benefit of an organization like this may actually promote full contact fighting for ITF people and also face punching for WTF people. I would not have a problem with this at all. I long for the day when WTF stops it’s degradation of a once great and exciting martial sport, and stops the bullshit electronic scoring and also allows face punches. And if we can wear less padding and make it more like a Kyokushin full contact style. I also think it would be cool if the ITF promoted full contact fighting with knockouts and not their current light contact.

Is this effort to combine ITF with WTF more of a charity program for North Korea to give them money? Because obviously there is tons of money involved and do they really think such and effort will change Kim Jung Eun and make him happy? Donald Trump came and really influenced Korea for world peace which no other president could do, not even Korean presidents. I believe this is an effect from that. But should martial arts styles be controlled by governmental politics so much? North Korea is very poor and there will be millions of dollars send North Korea’s way through this combination organization.

I believe that this concept that somehow Taekwondo will be the key that will combine the Koreas in peace and also help create world peace is pretentious. It shows a major degree of self importance by the Taekwondo powers which are simply bosses, CEO’s, politicians etc. Not martial arts masters. For too long Taekwondo has been controlled by Korean businessmen and politicians wearing suits instead of doboks.

You know that Karate and Kung Fu have multiple styles and organizations all considered to be genuine martial arts. In Japan there are several Karate organizations that are recognized by the Japanese government. Each Karate organization promotes a specific style of Karate from Okinawa and Japan. Nobody is arguing about which is the “true Karate” and which are fake like how arguments between ITF and WTF people go. Why can’t Taekwondo be more like Karate in that sense? Each style of Karate has different founders and is respected in their own right. Why does the ITF need to merge with WTF? Hopefully the Kukkiwon will stay out of it and not merge with ITF. I wish the Kukkiwon would reject the World Taekwondo organization and find another one. Or just be their own group. Why are the Koreans only interested in Taekwondo and Taekwon-Do? And not trying to also absorb Tang Soo Do or other types of Korean Karate? If Tang Soo Do can exist on its own why cant WTF Taekwondo and also ITF be their own things as well?

What will this mean for promotion testing? Who’s forms will we use? What forms will we use for each style? A lot of people do not want to learn a bunch of new forms and the way the Taekwondo styles move are also different. Do we have to sacrifice technique in order to make ITF feel loved? I don’t want to bounce and do sine wave…I refuse to.

How will Taekwondo history be taught?

I honestly do not think that joint organization is going to benefit Taekwondo. It will weaken it and make it more politically correct. It already has been downgraded a ton. It seems that South Korea is becoming very weak and wants to virtue signal to the world instead of develop their martial art to be a more effective fighting art. It is all about money and popularity. There is no need to “globalize” Taekwondo when it is already global. In my opinion leftist politics and ideology has taken over Taekwondo and the Koreans who are closet extreme nationalists will sell out for money and influence.

Change my mind.




  1. Hamilcar says:

    I’m with you on this. The Kukkiwon needs to stop acting like a business or government. You make a great point about the different styles of karate. We really should use that as a model. No need to do a business acquisition or whatever they’re proposing here. Because, too, I feel like having different styles and schools of Taekwondo helps legitimize Taekwondo by giving it more history and evolution. There’s a Choi Kwon Do in my city. A legit martial art by a Taekwondo master who altered the style for health and flexibility. That doesn’t hurt Taekwondo. That makes Taekwondo more interesting. Keeps it from being static. Maybe someday the Kukkiwon (if they were interested in improving) would look at one of these offshoots, and go “They got a better way of kicking. Let’s do that.” or “That a great application, let’s add it to our manual and teaching.”

    I really don’t see what can come out of this merger. Makes zero sense to me. What might happen, is this might look like when the Kwans came together. So, we’ll wind up with some ITF forms in the curriculum. But this would be for the benefit of those two. Not us practitioners. If we want to do ITF forms we already can (and I do still do Won-Hyo, just because I like it). We don’t need them ranking us on it.

    • White Dragon says:

      Right I know a few ITF forms as well. My old teacher had us learn some.

      I am tired of the Kukkiwon talking like a giant corporation with corporate lingo and buzzwords like “Taekwondo spirit and culture” and “gloablize Taekwondo for world Taekwondo community.” So stupid.

      I respect the office of the Kukkiwon and what it was meant to be and I get my rank etc. but I do not like the people running it and it is all just a way to make a huge amount of money. Normal people are going to get sick of Taekwondo and they are going to get a cash grab really quick at the expense of losing Taekwondo.

      They have watered down Taekwondo so much that non martial arts minded people practice it and influence i and think their voice and opinions on making Taekwondo a performance art and sexy for TV are important. I am sick of it.

      We don’t need to have the ITF connected to WTF at all. Let them be their own entity and stop this crap with joining North Korea. Instead they should just invade it and take it over and kill the Kim and all of his generals in public executions and free the North Korean people. but that is just my opinion. Taekwondo has gotten so stupid that adult Koreans for the most part do not even train in it or care about it. The only adults doing it still are masters who run daycare centers and make money and the rest are mentally challenged old people who just do it…martial artists in Korea do MMA, BJJ, Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing etc. Most fighters do not do Taekwondo. Of course there are a few who have a history of Taekwondo and represent it in MMA but it is not a lot. But those few who do are pretty cool.

      How would you like it if you did a poomsae competition to find out that the judge is an ITF certified judge and you want to perform a WTF approved form? Then your competitor is an ITF stlist doing an Choi form? Who do you think will get more points?
      The fact they do not see this future problem is beyond stupidity or just willful ignorance or just not caring.

      How is sparring going to work with a referee who is ITF and one corner judge who is WTF? It’s insane. We already had enough problems with racist Koreans giving the Korean competitors instant wins before the matches even happen against foreigners. How much more corruption will occurr with ITF vs WTF opinions in judging? SO STUPID!!!

      So can we become master ranked certified in both ITF and WTF now? Send me some certificates!!!

      There are tons of problems with this.

  2. kidokwan says:


    Is there a direct email/contact information for you, I would like to feature a couple of your items but, can’t seem to locate a correct email or contact number.

    Thanks, D Kido Kwan

  3. Former ITF Taekwondoin says:

    I see they mean the ITF headquartered in Pyongyang but would it also extend to the other ITF organizations as well? The kumite question is also a legit concern. As for the kata they could take a page from the WKF which gets around the many styles issue by having only certain katas approved for competition. TKD history is unique in that unlike most karate styles they are linked by a shared history and key figures who are portrayed very differently in each organization. Other than that having a fit about the uniforms is a little weird. If you’re worried about North Korea being legitimized I think that ship sailed when the president said he fell in love with Kim Jong Un. Not that I’m against diplomacy, if Trump somehow keeps things peaceful I’m happy, just making a point. Also how is this idea making Taekwondo “more politically correct”? What does that even mean? Do you mean it in the original form which referred to followers (of the communist party) who would tow the line of their politicians and repeat their lies despite actual facts and forgoing compassion? Or in the “SJWs won’t let me be racist, sexist, xenophobic” way? Because the former I can almost kinda understand. On top of that virtue signaling? Globalization? Throw in Soros, MAGA, Antifa and 1488 and I’d have wingnut bingo.

    • White Dragon says:

      Not really. Read a Kukkiwon brochure. You can replace the word Taekwondo with anything else and it would say the same thing. Every time Kukkiwon or WTF describes Taekwondo they are not saying anything, defining terms, or actually making sense. Taekwondo is a fight art. It is not about “spirit, globalization, culture” the very words they use. TKD has become PC in the sense they care about globalization and believe that somehow Taekwondo will create world peace and unification with ITF somehow will create peace in the Korean peninsula. In reality it is not true. People are more concerned with showing girls in hijabs bouncing up and down in sparring than they are developing a more effective combat art like it was meant to be.
      There is no wingnut bingo going on like you leftists want to try and say. Trump is doing fine with dealing with Korea. He did not say he fell in love with Kim Jung Eun. Bullshit. Try again.
      And yes the uniforms are ONE freaking question in this entire blog article and it is a legitimate one. ITF uniforms look like shit.

      We don’t need and ITF and WTF merge. If so I hope the Kukkiwon just seperates wholely from WTF and stays very martial. Let ITF be ITF and let WTF and Kukkiwon be themselves. ITF black belts ALREADY CAN compete in WTF and Olympic sports. They don’t have to have a Kukkiwon black belt to do it. So what’s the point in merging? It is purely political and virtue signalling.

      • Former ITF Taekwondoin says:

        You’re right, in all fairness the uniform is just one question in your post. It’s just some of your other points get lost in your passion. But to address something else, and this is something I should have mentioned in the first post, these organizations have done stuff like this for years. There have been talks of mergers going back to the 90’s and maybe earlier. This isn’t new, it isn’t a product of “leftists”, it isn’t Donald Trumps influence, it’s just a dance these two seem to do. Also as you’ve stated before given how small the ITF is they will most likely be absorbed, essentially, into the WTF IF it happened. Ok as for the other things I directly said, yes he did, here he is on TV saying it.

        My point was you can’t see one attempt at extending an olive branch is bad policy but suddenly say it’s good just because it’s your guy. As for the PC stuff I’ll agree you’re right that it’s pretentious to think tkd will bring world peace. And the kukkiwon probably should get back to focusing on how to make their art more effective and appealing to serious fighters. What I take issue with is the idea of gobalization being bad for a product consumed GLOBALLY. The kukkiwon wants it spread as far as possible so I’m sorry but thats going to mean seeing people with hijabs compete. Also, kind of a tell that’s the first place you go to. But I should mention I am critical of those as well because of the inequality of women they are associated with. However I don’t mind seeing they represented if that’s how the athlete chooses to compete. I also want to say believe it or not I enjoyed your blog for a long time and still do often You did good work early on and still do. The knife article, while have a little over the top machismo, makes some good points about knife defense. You’ve always been a little extemist when it came to ITF but I felt it came from a genuine hate of communisms human rights abuses. But come on. Communism is an extreme political order and different from regular progressive or as you say leftist policies. And even so leftist policies aren’t the root of all the worlds problems.

      • White Dragon says:

        The ITF and WTF merge has nothing to do with DOnald Trump. I simply mentioned that when talking about peace between North and South Korea. So don’t get it mixed up and claim that I am saying “It is because Donald Trump” this merger is happening.

        Ahhh you are corret sir. He did say “We fell in love.” I stand corrected. The context is talking about negotiating a deal for peace in Korea and is metaphorical. I am not against peace with N and S Korea and I do not think President Trump is wrong to talk with them. There is a difference between that and ITF and WTF and with ITF it goes beyond North Korea and is more to do with the history of Taekwondo than the current North Korea.

        If ITF gets absorbed into WTF and becomes WTF and does not keep using ITF then I am all for it. If they change and do the WTF approved poomsae but I do not think this is going to happen. If ITF has a “patch over” party with WTF it is much better than having ITF and WTF in the same group.

        Sports are used as an outward appearance to show the world one face while behind the scenes there is another thing going on. This is probably the case. I am skeptical.

        This blog is not a “world politics” blog and is a martial arts blog. The politics I would talk about would have to do with martial arts politics. But if there is cross-over then it will get talked about. I do hate communism, and I see that leftist turns into communism really quick. Leftists promote socialism and scialism leads to communism. So yes my hate disdain for ITF has to do with North Korean human rights abuses and buddying up with them when nations were at technical war with them. Choi gave them a weapon in hand to hand combat bringing martial arts to North Korea. Also, I do not like General Choi ad who he was and his ITF came out of his terrible attitude and behavior. Even so I don’t hate ITF people and I don’t think everything Choi taught was bad (but just the sign wave and some of his bullshit about how to use certain techniques or his lies about Korean history). I really think Korea should ignore ITF and let them be who they want and just focus on Kukkiwon stuff. I used to be a big supporter of WTF and was a national member in my teens but now I think leaving the WTF and disassociating with them would be a good thing. Unless WTF changes and goes back to oldschool.

        Everyone has hard opinions. And there is nothing wrong with machismo when talking about self defense with knives.

        First WTF/ITF need to come up with REAL benefis for martial arts. And not fluffy words like “spirit” or “culture.”

        My problem with globalization is not that things should not be global or spread worldwide. Globalism is a political ideology that there should be no nations, not separate people groups and everyone should be one. I do not agree as I believe in borders, language, and culture. This does not mean we cannot appreciate other cultures or borrow from them, or enjoy their marital arts and give them credit etc. Also the only reaso Taekwondo can have a hijab is because of the helmet. Take that away and put it in any other sport and they wouldn’t be allowed to wear one as it would impede on performance for the woman and her opponent. If Taekwondo ever went full contact without pads or face punching they wouldn’t allow it.
        Also, Koreans are all talk when it comes to globalization or world wide peace and love. They are extremely nationalistic more than any American right wing person. They really want Korean cultures to be a dominant force in the world and that is how they will view globaization. So until the old Korean masters and politicians die out and the new ones come (which is happening) there will be no real globalization attitude from Korea. The younger Koreans are increasingly becoming more leftist. To the point of throwing out their culture which is what the goal is.

      • White Dragon says:

        On another note about ITF and WTF merging…what I would like to see is a sparring format that leaves it to full contact, no pads except gloves, groin cup, and mouth piece. I would like face punching, knees, leg kicks allowed so it would be like K-1. Also allowing the grab the dobok uniform and allow sweeps and throws. So like a sanshou with a dobok. This woul force the Kukkiwon and WTF to deveop doboks that actually are strong like uniforms should be. Practicing self defense with the standard dobok is so difficut when the collar always tears because the meterial is so thin with weak stitching.

        I would like to see a World Taekwondo Fighter’s League or something like that where there are 2 conferences. The WTF/Kukkiwon conference and the ITF conference. Just like Major League Baseball or NCAA football. So the WTF League and ITF League. Each of the 2 groups has to hold their own matches and brackets. When 10 top fighters win in each Leage then they have a face off putting the ITF and WTF against each other to see who will win. It would keep the organizations separate yet have them unified in Taekwondo at the same time. It would also instill a serious martial spirit back into both Taekwondos and promote it as a fighting art while keeping the good and moral aspects that Taekwondo should still always offer with the 5 tenets. Of course money would be involved and probabloy corrupt people wold ruin that too…but it is worth a shot.

        If I was a multi-millionaire I would set up a tournament like this for my own pleasure.

        A lot of these kinds of pro TKD fighters would be able to cross-over into K1, and other kickboxing organizations as well as UFC and various MMA.

  4. Former ITF Taekwondoin says:

    I first want to say I’m glad to see how civil this conversation ended up being. I’m sorry if I mischaracterized any of your points. It wasn’t intentional or conscious. Just like you feel strongly about socialism leading to communism, I feel the same way about nationalism leading to fascism and I don’t always talk about it in an unbiased manner. You are right we should keep in the politics of martial arts. Choi was very problematic and let his megalomania cause him to side with a monsterous regime. He did not create anything and took credit from the masters who had the real knowledge. He did try to standardize the martial art and used his influence to do such which I suppose is something. Regardless though there have been so many myths about Taekwondo history it will probably always be a mess. Also I agree the sine wave is ridiculous and honestly makes no sense from a physics point of view. I can respect that perspective on globalization though I may not agree with it fully. But a lot of people don’t mean it that way. That’s why I brought it up. I would love to see sparring like you describe in both TKD and current sport karate. I picture it as more like daido juku sparring though maybe minus some of the groundwork. I believe there used to be a pro-TKD league. It was short lived but I know Raymond Daniels got part of his start there. The rules were trash though. I agree on the dobok issue. I just wear my judo uniform for everything. Oh and on the point of uniforms. I don’t want to dwell on this but they make sports hijabs and they are used by athletes from track and field to boxing. Anyways it seems like we’d disagree politically quite a bit but I respect your passion and what you’ve accomplished. Again sorry if i misinterpreted or misrepresented your views. Keep following that passion.

    • White Dragon says:

      Well that is the thing. If people stop and try to connect wit each other on a human level there would not be as much extremism. You can connect through Taekwondo with right wing and more left wing people. But when there is extremism it cannot be so. All people see is the enemy. This is a serious problem.

      Historically socialism is a concept used by Karl Marx as the stepping stone to total communism. That is the point. A government cannot stop at socialism it will develop into communism. Socialism itself is authoritarian and does not allow freedom like capitalism does.
      Nationalism does not lead to fascism. Authoritarianism leads to fascism and all of the fascists were socialists. Hitler was a socialist.

      Nationalism = patriotism and loving your country and putting it first. It does not have to lead to fasism or authoritarianism.

      Anyway, the sports hijab thing may be allowed in SOME sports but not all. No way in hell will it work for BJJ or something. Muslim women are not supposed to be able to do anything anyway. The ones who do this are moderates and not eve following Muhammad or the Hadith or Quaran. Yet they want to push their Islam on everyone.

      I would think a Judo uniform is too thick for serious striking training. I would prefer if TKD had simply heavy weight Karate gi style thickness and nothing more. Even if it remained V-neck like the hanbok style I would be okay with it as long as it didn’t tear. They really need to do this and I have tried to tell people in Korea but no one listens.

      Yeah Choi gets credit where he deserves but noting more.

      Pro Taekwondo was basically Olympic TKD rules without padding. It was so dumb to do that. Even pro boxing changes the rules and allows more freedom than Olympic boxing. Pro TKD should have at least allowed clinches and knees for scoring.

      BUt yes if Taekwondo was just Taekwondo using all of the techniques for sparring it would be great. Of course modify the lethal techniques. No eye pokes etc.

      Apparently there is some Dobok fashion show that the Kukkiwon is putting on and there is a contest to create a new uniform and address problems with the current one. I am skeptical and I see a bunch of idiots making stupid uniforms like that one spandex one some European WTF girl and guy tried to promote. It was sooo dumb.

      • Former ITF Taekwondoin says:

        I agree we shouldn’t always see an enemy and I’m grateful for those aspects that allow us to reach across political divides.
        Karl Marx for as much as he wrote about socialism and the rise of the working class actually didn’t write much or even at all about how to achieve that goal. He believed that the world would naturally reach the state of work controlled production and the desolving of the state. As a result he lived most of his life in poverty living off handouts. I agree that socialism is an element of communism but doesn’t necessarily always lead to it. There are plenty of capitalist countries with socialist aspects such as the Nordic countries and too some extent even canada. It is important to note they are NOT fully socialist like a lot of liberals claim but do have some of those tendencies and have not succumbed to communism. But in a way you are right that no country has found a real socialist balance as a full socialist country.
        Also I’m not sure where you get your information but from my research fascists were in no way socialists. Most scholars who study fascism including Robert Paxton a professor who’s considered the forerunner in the study of fascism, define it as “a form of political practice distinctive to the 20th century that arouses popular enthusiasm by sophisticated propaganda techniques for an anti-liberal, anti-socialist, violently exclusionary, expansionist nationalist agenda.” Its a reactionary movement AGAINST the left and socialism. In fact early in their rise to power the only people fighting against the nazis were communists in Germany. While it’s true that the Nazis had socialism in their party name that doesnt mean that’s what they were. It’d be like claiming North Korea is a democracy because it has Democratic in its official name. Fascism does not have a capitalist economy in the American sense but they do allow the wealthy and elites to continue holding onto their wealth and companies to gain their support. That’s why Bayer and Volkswagen did well under nazi rule.
        I agree it was wrong of me to say nationalism leads to fascism because it’s not true and I apologize. It is a fundamental part of fascism of though.

        Yeah I could see that complaint about the judo gi. I’ve never had a problem myself but I could see the problems. You’re right the old school weight gis like the old Okinawan masters wear would be perfect.
        If you haven’t before and if you’re interested look up shootboxing and daido juku. I think it’d be a perfect way to practice true traditional Taekwondo.

        I hadn’t heard of that. I’d seen a new design a few years ago on some page and thought it looked like one of those tuxedo t-shirts but with a dobok. But To be honest I’m somewhat out of the loop in Taekwondo news as of late having switched to karate and jujitsu a few years ago.

      • White Dragon says:

        Well the uniform they presented looked really dumb an was stretch material and really tight. Form fitting. I fyou notice many Olympic style people do not even train in their doboks which makes no sense. They just wear spandex pants or shorts. People do not wear the dobok much at all and it seems there is a movement to get rid of it or not care about it. It negates the martial arts tradition and it makes me angry. They really ruined their martial art and sport by doing these things or promoting the stupid rules after the 90s. You could just go do Taekwondo and not do forms or anything related to Taekwondo except learn some kicks and how to punch the chest gear and hop around without doing anything else and still win a tournament. This seems to be the way some people want it.

        I saw dait ryu before many years ago and it looked cool. I think a Taekwondo full contact sport could be done where there i no grappling, only standing clinch and grabbing with throws and sweeps. But once it hits the ground they re-set. Maybe allow for 5 seconds of ground striking or something. So if a guy does a sacrifice kick and lands on the floor the opponent has a chance to hit back some. So he cannot just drop to the ground to avoid getting hit.

        Well Nazi had socialism in the name because they wanted to be socialists and were anti capitalist. Hitler hated capitalism and wrote against it. The nazi government was socialist int hat the government controlled the means of production and said what, how much, and by whom things will be produced. He allowed some private companies to exist but he was totally in charge of how they produces, what they produced, where, and how much.

        So Hitler was a national socialist and that is a socialism. Capitalism is not fascist, it is total freedom of who does whatever they want to produce.

        I think the problems with Europe are they seem to want to be taken over and destroyed and have no cultures anymore. Why else would they allow millions of migrants to invade their countries? NOw look at Europe. Tons of problems. Nationalism is a good thing and nations need to protect their own culture and borders. It does not mean immigrants cannot move there or live legally.

        Also not all fascists are racist and not all racists are fascists so the far left always calls everyone a nazi or racist when it is not true.

  5. terriblety says:

    Great point about karate. Centralisation like this only ever leads to more beauracracy and a greater disconnect with the jins. I.e THE VAST MAJORITY OF TKD PLAYERS. You can already see the effects of a small number of governing bodys with the whole ‘different dobok for each competition’ thing in WTF.

    The only reason they do this is because of the extra income. The ONLY reason.

    • White Dragon says:

      I agree and it makes me mad that you have to keep buying a new uniform for every dang event. Only the rich can do Taekwondo sport, and it’s become such a worthless sport at that.

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