The ATA Claims Taekwondo Is Non-Aggressive And Ethical

Posted: December 28, 2018 in Taekwondo
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The ATA Claims Taekwondo Is Non-Aggressive And Ethical

        I was randomly searching Taekwondo terms on google today and the first site that shows is a page from the ATA website that says,

“Like any martial art properly taught and properly practiced, Taekwondo is a non-agressive (sic) and ethical system of self-defense.”

I just thought this was kind of funny in the light of how the Kukkiwon’s president was arrested for corruption and the fact that it is the ATA!!!! claiming to be ethical. HAHA! Yes, like ANY martial art. You here that? ANY martial art…especially when it is properly practiced…you know the RIGHT way to practice ANY martial art in the entire world….Taekwondo is ethical and non-violent. That means the back kicks to the solar plexus, knife hands to the carotid artery, and side kicks to the knee are not violent. Make sure your instructor properly teaches you Taekwondo the right way which is to make sure you are not being violent…

Anyway, the brings me to another issue I have about people who claim to promote Taekwondo. The idiots who say that Taekwondo is non-aggressive or non-violent. I am sorry but I want my Taekwondo to be both violent and aggressive!!! What’s the point in learning a fighting style if it is non-aggressive or non-violent?

In the book A Killing Art by Alex Gillis we get a different picture of the founding of Taekwondo in all of its corruption and violence!!! I may not like some of the founders of Taekwondo as people, or some of the current leaders in Taekwondo who are corrupt, but I dang sure as heck want my Taekwondo to be a violent art! I didn’t sign up for yoga or Tai Chi as a kid.

We have got to stop the silly PC pandering of Taekwondo and simply teach a real fighting art. Obviously, with this fighting art we SHOULD teach ethics, morality, and that you are not supposed to use Taekwondo for evil. We should be protectors of the weak and people who fight for our nations when called to with our martial arts abilities. But how can you do it effectively if you are being weak? Fighting is violence!!!!

Taekwondo is violent. The sport is violent (not as much anymore with idiotic scorpion twisty tap kicks) but that’s why people love it! The poomsae may be artistic but the actual movements are totally violent! The groin ripping and knee busting in Koryo, the face smashing elbow strikes in Tae Geuk O Jang and more! Taekwondo is a martial art.

Martial Arts are combat traditions and inherently violent. Violence is not somehow immoral in itself. It is WHY you are violent and who you are violent to that matters. Self defense is violent. You cannot effectively save yourself or loved ones from evil people who wish violence on you unless you are violent to them more effectively than they are to you. Maybe we don’t fight fire with fire, but we do fight violence people with violence.

That is enough comedy for today from the mcdojang ATA, and the end of my rant today. See ya later!

  1. Henry says:

    This statement has nothing to do with you being able to kick some major ass. I have no idea if you can or not. Listen to
    Me my friend. You need some serious help before you hurt someone or yourself. I pray that young martial artist who read your writtings do not think it is 100 percent true or even half true. Some of it may be but the rest is off the cuff and delusional at best. Sorry for the insults.

  2. This seems to have been a subject of debate for a long time. One of my very talented students quit because the idea of hurting someone in a sparring match really bothered him, even though it was a controlled situation. People feel differently about it. The word “violent” carries a lot of negative weight, so maybe that’s why some people try to distance themselves from it. Maybe they don’t want taekwondo to be perceived as something that encourages people to be violent when it’s not warranted (trying to give them the benefit of the doubt). Taekwondo is self-defense! It’s fighting!….AND the mental aspect of self-discipline and respect in theory should encourage a practitioner to de-escalate a situation so it doesn’t get violent. Martial artists are the last people going out and looking for a fight–at least that’s what my childhood instructors taught me. I don’t want to get into an altercation with anyone, but I’d like to know that I can hold my own if I had to.

    • White Dragon says:

      WHen in a fight no matter what it is violent. Knife hand strikes to the neck is a violent motion. And even Olympic Sparring is a violent sport with kicks and punches. So you cannot say it is non-violent. It seems to be very PC now to talk this way about martial arts. Like to spiritualize the violent techniques instead of show what they really are about. Like Koryo poomsae is pretty dang violent with groin tears, knee breaks etc.

      I agree with what you said about non confrontation, de-escalating, and only using it for what is good and to protect yourself.

  3. George says:

    Kukkiwon is WT. Not ATA.

  4. Michael says:

    Wait there is knee busting moves and groin attacks in Koryo? Pls tell me which movements are they

    • White Dragon says:

      The open hand spear downward is the groin strike and nut ripper. If someone was grabbing you and you grab their wrist above and below you strike.

      The open hand tiger mouth strike low with the scoop is a defense against a forward kick and strike to hyper extend the knee and a possible takedown.

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