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Learn how To Fight Bats With Taekwondo Kicks

        You never know when you could be walking around outside at night, or xploring a cave and then a swarm of bats might attack you. This is one of the most helpful videos I have seen for Taekwondo self defense against bats, as well as a swarm of wasps or deflecting snowballs flying at you from every direction.


No, seriously what the heck is the point is doing this? When will you ever pivot on you base leg in a full 360 degree turn unless you are going to perform figure skating or some ballet? It’s cool to kick high sometimes, but this is over doing it. Plus the rapid knee extension kicking is pointless as none of those kicks would hurt a fly thy are so light. They are not even fully extending their legs when they do the rapid circling kicks.


I will never understand why people think this is cool or how it makes someone really badass or a good fighter…this is XMA stuff…KICK THOSE BATS!! KICK THEM!!!

Question: Would you be intimidated if someone slid toward you on one leg rapidly flapping their foot toward you in the air and coming closer and closer and closer? Answer in the comments!!

Why Taekwondo Can Work In A Street Fight

       Here are some reasons why Taekwondo is a valid option for winning a street fight or protecting yourself in a self defense situation. This is also based on kicks alone and not the other parts of Taekwondo such as hand striking, elbows, knees, joint locks, throws etc. So many foolish people keep bad mouthing Taekwondo and claiming it is only flashy kicks that will get you killed in a street fight. In many cases, what people deem flashy kicks actually won a street fight. The following is a list of videos that show evidence of why high kicks, which Taekwondo is known for, can work in a street fight. It is not about the morality of the fighters, why they are fighting, whether or not they are Taekwondo practitioners or not, or who is the good guy or bad guy in each fight. The point is they are kicking high or doing a so called “flashy” spinning kick technique and winning street fight confrontations. This is also not to mention that MMA has already proven Taekwondo techniques brutally effective. What better evidence than guys fighting in streets throwing high kicks and spinning kicks! Here are some reasons why Taekwondo haters are wrong:


White Dragon is a 3rd dan Taekwondo Black Belt with over 19 years experience in the Martial Arts and head instructor of the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program.