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Choi Hong Hi Honored By North Korea During Anti America Month

        By now if you have regularly read this blog you will know it in no way seeks to be diplomatic to other Taekwondo groups and fully supports the Kukkiwon an also is a freedom loving, American martial arts blog. So this blog post is going to reinforce that by bashing Choi Hong Hi and the ITF. The White Dragon Dojang does NOT apologize either. If you don’t like this then stop reading it, and don’t waste your time posting your disdain in the comments section either. You will just create fodder for the LOLs.

The month of June in North Korea is basically dedicated to hating the USA and promoting the death of America and it’s South Korean collaborators. They shout for the destruction of the “gangster US imperialists.” It is “hate America month,” right now, but the official title is called “Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism Month.” It is the 65th anniversary of the Korean War, and about a week ago in this same month was a memorial for the late General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of the International Taekwon-Do Federation. I was informed by this memorial by a regular reader who sent me the link to the following video:

Historically, Choi was in the ROK (South Korea) military and fought against the communists during the war. Later, because of his ego damaged by the fact a lot of people did not like his ideas or want him to be the sole boss of Taekwondo, he defected to North Korea and brought his version of Taekwondo to them with his top students. No being able to return to South Korea he resided in Canada and set up the ITF headquarters. Choi brought martial arts skills, through his students, who taught North Korea combat techniques and his ITF tul (forms). Of course South Korea did not think it was a good idea that one of their former generals should bring martial arts teachings to their enemies that can be used against South Korean soldiers, and viewed him as a traitor. And rightly so.

Why ANYONE who loves freedom, loves Korean people, and especially, if they are Americans or from any freedom loving western nation would support the ITF and join them is beyond me. Knowing the history of Choi an ITF should give someone the sense to understand that it is immoral to be a part of something that supports North Korea. The philosophy of North Korean evil, “Juche” (the communist doctrine of the evil dictator Kim Il Sung) is all over ITF and used as propaganda to soften people’s view of North Korea and to have disdain or a little resentment toward South Korea. This is made apparent just by having conversations with people who have been indoctrinated by ITF Taekwondo history and ideas.

Why any Kukki Taekwondo practitioner or leader would ever want to be diplomatic with the ITF and give them a voice or associate with them and work together with them is also beyond me. It is counter productive. Honestly, it is my bold opinion that the ITF needs to just die out and allow Taekwondo to be unified and progress. The ITF not only struggled against the KTA, Kukkiwon and WTF, it had much internal fighting that 4 groups came out of it all claiming to be the true Taekwondo (3 separate groups claim to be the true ITF, and the other one calls itself Global Taekwondo Federation). ITF holds Taekwondo back with annoying arguments (especially online with ITF people around the world who post on blogs comments sections, youtube videos etc.), the fact their uniforms look stupid and seem to have never been updated since the 1960’s, the fact the sine wave concept which is not based on real physics or science and holds the progression of serious techniques back, and other nonsense and shenanigans. Yes, I am being humorous but also serious. The ITF needs to disappear and so does communism. It is the 21st century.

Notice in the above video that all of the glory and honor of Choi is North Korean specific and gives their regime glory. All of the flags in photos are of the North Korean flag and appear to show Choi acknowledging them as the true Korea. What do you see in every ITF dojang though? You see a South Korean flag. What Taekwondo do South Koreans practice and promote? Kukkiwon/WTF Taekwondo, they do not support ITF or acknowledge it. Culturally, Taekwondo in Korea is Kukkiwon and that is their martial arts cultural identity. So it is illogical for ITF dojang to use South Korean flags when we all know Choi would be pleased if you would fly the North Korean flag. Why don’t ITF dojangs just fly the communist flag and be straight up with us?

General Choi definitely has his place in the beginnings of Taekwondo history: being the force behind the “Taekwondo” name we use and being the first KTA president. But that is not enough to give him the glory and honor the North Koreans give him for Taekwondo. He was a trouble maker, a jerk, a schemer, and problematic for Taekwondo and he had to go. That is why he was told to leave and given the permission to just go do his own thing an start his own ITF Taekwondo. He did this but then decided to go to North Korea and get praised by them and betray his countrymen and soldiers. He was never a true master of martial arts or given rank above 2nd dan because of skill. All we know is his highest rank in Karate was 2nd dan before the formation of Taekwondo. Any high rank he received was strictly honorary because of his influence as a general. I think this is why he created such wacky forms as the higher up ITF forms seem to get ridiculous and illogical. Then he created the sine wave concept and started another annoying war within Taekwondo which is based on incorrect physics. Now people can argue forever about why the sine wave ius better and makes forms cooler and more powerful, while the rest of Taekwondo people shake our heads at the stupidity. Obviously, he had no clue about what is going to work in a fight or what is good in martial arts.

Who else is sick of annoying, dorky white guys as seen in the above video that want to sympathize with North Korea and actually think it is okay to visit there just to give praise to Choi. The type of guys who want to feel special and be a part of some special Asian club and will listen to anything the Asian masters say. These kinds of guys are all over martial arts like Kung Fu or “Ninjutsu.” You know those white guys who are nerds and do not have critical thinking and believe in martial arts myths and hand on to every word some important Asian martial arts guy says. These white guys for Taekwondo are the ones who believe in the General Choi myth, that he solely is the father of Taekwondo and worthy of our worship and honor even to the point of ignoring all of the atrocities and human rights violations that North Korea has committed every day since its inception in 1945. It is beyond reason unless they actually love communism. These are basically the same guys who run Taekwondo Times Magazine or think it is a great Taekwondo publication full of all kinds of knowledge…yeah….

Conor McGregor VS Dennis Sever Is Proof That Taekwondo Fighting Is Exciting

        At the last UFC Fight Night the headlining bout between Conor McGregor and Dennis Sever was action packed. Dennis Sever gained notoriety for his devastating spinning back kick knockouts. He is not specifically a Taekwondo fighter but his kicks are definitely borrowed from Taekwondo. Conor McGregor on the other hand is a Taekwondo fighter, but I must admit, he is an ITF Taekwondo fighter. He has trained much of his life in ITF Taekwondo. Of course this blog has negative opinions on the ITF as an organization, their propaganda, their politics, sine wave, Choi worship, and annoying arrogance, but that is not to say that ITF Taekwondo individuals cannot, and are not good fighters. After all they have basically the exact same techniques as regular Kukki-Taekwondo. McGregor uses them all!

        McGregor and Sever mixed it up with plenty of kicks, McGregor threw spin kicks but missed. He threw round kicks, front kicks and an axe kick. Sever through high kicks as well. Plenty of great punching exchanges occurred where McGregor blocked and parried most of them. McGregor was in total control and looked great. Sever got miserably defeated with a TKO with strikes. It was an awesome fight!

        McGregor and other traditional martial artists are paving the way to re-establish traditional styles as top notch, serious fighting systems that are deadly enough on their own. Conor McGregor shows that Taekwondo is exciting and we need more Taekwondo in MMA!

ITF Taekwondo Is Used To Soften People’s Views Of North Korea’s Evil Regime

        North Korean ITF Taekwondo masters and black belts often go on “diplomatic relations”tours around the world, even in the United States. It is not very hard to find videos showing North Korean, ITF Taekwondo practitioners acting friendly with Americans and doing a demo show here and there.

In the CNN article “Taekwondo tour a chance to show the real north korea” mentions a North Korean touring demo team that was invited to New York to do a show. It was set up by a Taekwondo Magazine to promote some sort of “peace,” or “understanding each other type relations” between the USA and North Korea. Most specifically it seems to have been set up to show ITF Taekwondo. I believe that the magazine they referred to in the article and the accompanied video was Taekwondo Times, which is an ecumenical Taekwondo magazine. It is apparent that the magazine has the intention to legitimatize ITF Taekwondo and make it to be the true Taekwondo at the expense of ignoring the atrocities in North Korea that support for North Korean Taekwondo gives. In my experience much of their articles are biased toward Choi Hong Hi making him out to be the “true founder” of Taekwondo, while also promoting a wide variety of mcdojang organizations, and also including stories about Kukki-Taekwondo and the WTF as well. Also, in the above mentioned CNN article’s video clip it shows a young man talking about how him and the North Korean black belts have a lot in common with Americans. This is a delusional statement. These types of people are more than eager to put the North Koreans in a superior position as if they have special secrets and knowledge to unlock for the average American Taekwondo practitioner. They overlook the fact they were set up, hand picked, and chosen to weaken American’s view towards the North Korea regime, and impress people by showing off that their Taekwondo is somehow more deadly or superior than typical South Korean Taekwondo. They also want to cause people to believe their regime really is not all bad and we just need to understand these North Korean people.

This kind of thing really ticks me off. There is absolutely no way any freedom loving American or Korean should ever support diplomatic relations with North Korea like this, and allow them to show off and try to manipulate through emotions, so people will be sympathetic to their cause. North Korea sends well fed, special athletes to go on tours while the main populace starves to death and is eating filth, rats, and garbage to ease the hunger pains and to stay alive. While many innocent people are in prison camps all over the country, where North Korean guards at the prison use Taekwondo on people for fun maiming them and killing people with their martial arts moves. They practice on live bodies. What Taekwondo style do they use to do this? They certainly are not using Kukki-Taekwondo to murder people in their prisons. They are using ITF Taekwondo. ITF Taekwondo was given to North Korea by General Choi. It is now being used to instill loyalty or brainwash and propagandize the North Korean people. It is just one tool of many the regime uses to harbor positive feelings for statism over people.

ITF Taekwondo constantly promotes a sympathetic outlook towards North Korea. It is understandable why the early KTA masters were upset at Choi Hong Hi for bringing his Taekwondo style to North Korea. There was absolutely no point to do that. General Choi even named a form “Juche” which is the North Korean communist philosophy of self reliance. It is also called Kimilsungism and Kimjungilism. This philosophy has caused the death of so many North Koreans who have absolutely no freedom, ruled with an iron fist by the dictatorship currently run by Kim Jung Eun. General Choi knew exactly what he was doing naming his tul “Juche” and there is no excuse for it. Now we have dorky foreigners who think they are total badasses posing as Kim Il Sung’s statue with their fists on their hips, performing a form given the name of an evil philosophy. Kim Il Sung and Il Jung did a great job brainwashing their own citizens to allow them to be the “Great Leader” and given status as gods. What is really pathetic is when ITF practitioner’s try to say Juch is simply just a philosophy that “man can do anything he puts his mind to” and pretending it has nothing to do with North Korean self reliance and “Great Leader” economics that has caused and is still causing the deaths of millions of Koreans in the North. Like it or not, when you perform Juche you are promoting North Korean communism.

Another pathetic thing is when a Kukki-Taekwondo Grandmaster or WTF affiliated people give in and show sympathy and affirmation to North Korean Taekwondo masters. ITF Taekwondo is used to spread North Korean Communist propaganda and soften people’s view of this brutal regime that murders its own people.

Now it would be different if it was just in general ITF black belts from various countries going on tour showing their style, like sort of doing an ITF and Kukkikwon exchange program, but it is literally North Korea support when the DPRK Taekwondo team is given support. I notice that most of the people who support them or think it is really cool or awe inspiring seem to be types that come off as brain washed or easily influenced people. Possibly what people might term as “nerds” or “larps” who live in a delusional fantasy world of false Taekwondo attitude. They have delusions of grandeur for Choi Hong Hi and his ITF Taekwondo, believing it to the the only true Taekwondo, and somehow North Korea is misunderstood and not as bad as people think it is.

These facts about the attitudes of many ITF people being sympathetic towards North Korea is just one reason I cannot support the ITF and I truly believe that being involved in that organization contradicts what it means to be someone who loves freedom, particularly a free Korea. We should never support North Korean Taekwondo demo teams. Bleeding hearts want to create the facade of some “positive diplomacy” among North Korea and whatever Taekwondo group or country they are in by booking the DPRK Taekwondo demo team. People should not book them. There is nothing positive that will result from the performing at any event except towards softening people’s views of the atrocities committed by North Korea every day. Trying to reason with North Koreans brainwashed in an elite Taekwondo demo team is not going to get any results. They are stuck in their false beliefs and out of fear cannot at all listen to anything you say. Who knows if they will get executed when they get back home. Until the atrocities stop and North Korea is free we should not support them as Taekwondoin. They use Taekwondo for evil and not for good and the tenets of Taekwondo are nowhere to be found in North Korea and are simply a lie.


ITF Knife Defense Technique, Badass? Or No?

        Here is a video over 4 minutes long consisting of dozens of knife defense and some regular self defense techniques. There are a ton edited into the video!

ITF Taekwon-Doists like to claim their style is the true art of Taekwon-Do (yes they insist you spell it with a hyphen or else it’s not legit TKD), and the true combat fighting system and killing art. Whereas the WTF style (as they constantly call Kukki-Taekwondo) is simply a sport and a joke and sucks and is not the real Korean style as the entire country of South Korea has somehow been brainwashed to believing WTF is Taekwon-Do (since no one teaches ITF there really, unless they already first had a 4th dan in Kukkiwon).

Take a look at these knife defense techniques. Are they valid? Are they realistic? Are they badass? The music sure seems to be used in order to make you think so, and all of the yelling and cool “hard impacts” causing the assailants body to jump look exciting. Make note though, I have seen similar knife defense techniques demonstrated by Kukki-Taekwondo practitioners in much the same fashion. Such ideas for self defense are not actually foreign to the “WTF” as they call it, style of Taekwondo. But they sure want you to think so if you talk to them. So are these knife defense techniques totally awesome or what! Or, are these knife defense techniques unrealistic and simply movie, fantasy, fight scene scenarios made to pump you up and crave action flicks? Would they work and is ITF truly the killing and deadly Taekwon-Do art it claims to be or are they just trying to hard?


ITF Sparring Is Just As Stupid Looking And Unrealistic As WTF Olympic Sparring

        There is an argument that has been going on for a very long time in Taekwondo circles about which is better, the ITF or WTF. The evidence suggested for this is how the ITF spars compared to the way the WTF spars. The problem is that so many ITF onlyists complain about the “WTF style” of Taekwondo. They constantly cannot grasp the fact that the WTF is not the style of Taekwondo, but a tournament organization with its own rules set for Taekwondo sanctioned by the IOC. Yes, the WTF ONLY recognizes the Kukkiwon as proper ranking for Taekwondo and only accepts black belts who are Kukkiwon certified to fight in the Olympics. And rightly so! But the WTF is not a style. At least the IOC recognizes that true Taekwondo is from Korea, in Korea, and is recognized by the KTA. The ITF branched off with its own agenda a long time ago and even began to spell Taekwondo as “Taekwon-Do” to differentiate itself. Anyway, despite all of this the evidence for ITF being better than WTF/Kukkiwon is most cases is the sparring.

Since many of the Kukkiwon recognized dojangs in the world seem to practice for WTF sparring I guess this accusation of “better than WTF” is legitimate, even if the Kukkiwon does have a full system of combat for self defense and individual instructors can spar anyway they want in their gyms. I teach Kickboxing with my Taekwondo in my program and focus on self defense and free range of striking to various targets which are illegal in WTF rules. I also do teach WTF rules sparring out of formality and in case people want to enter tournaments for fun.  Anyway, let’s compare ITF sparring with WTF sparring and see which style is better, or which is more realistic.

ITF World Championships 2013 Finals

Well what i see is foot fencing, both fighters keep their arms down exactly the same as a WTF athlete does. They may be allowed to punch the head which is cool, but how often was any of that done in this fight? It seemed more kicks were thrown, the typical front foot touching and some spinning type or jump kicks tapping the other person. It is nice they do not have to wear chest gear or head gear, but it looks as if ITF is light contact and not full contact fighting. This would be why they do not need head gear unlike the WTF sparring where knockouts are encouraged. The ITF fighters stand bladed out sideways and hop around. Is this realistic or serious fighting? I don’t think so. It looks almost identical to the WTF sparring.

WTF World Championships 2013 Finals

Well both fighters kept their arms down exactly like the ITF guys. They both used the front foot-fencing kicks. Yes, there are no head punches allowed but where was this important in the ITF fight? There are some jump spin type kicking in this fight as well. The fighters are both bladed out sideways. Even though the rules are really full contact the chest gear and the way the fighters are trying to get points keeps them from going all out like a kickboxer would. Is this realistic or serious fighting? I don’t think so either. It looks almost identical to the ITF sparring.

Which styles were more realistic? Answer, both were equally as stupid and unrealistic looking as each other. No real difference. ITF Onlyists claim that ITF is deadly and hard sparring is a joke when all of the evidence of various fights all look this way. There is no real difference, and the head punches do not change the way they fight much or make it better. At least WTF is full contact and knockouts are encouraged. Last time I was around ITF people the officaly rules were light contact and even “point break Karate” style of fighting. Only on YouTube years later did I see people doing continuous sparring, and this might be a thing in eastern Europe more so than the USA. Who knows, whether it is continuous or not the sparring looks dumb as any current WTF tournament looks dumb.

The key to which martial art of Taekwondo is true or better would be in the overall exploration of the plethora of techniques each teach, the theories behind their movement,  as well as historical linage. Unfortunately the sine-wave theory in ITF Taekwondo is bogus and their historical linage is also flawed. They are their own thing, and nowhere are they the true spirit of South Korean people and their sparring also is ineffective and proves nothing. The only way to settle it is to take both styles outside of tournament rules and have them fight. Not going to happen. But we can still see by observation the fallacious arguments the ITF onlyists promote. I find even more funny the ITF apologists who claim to have studied both WTF and ITF Taekwondo and think that gives them super credible arguments. That amuses me.