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Kyukpa Is Not “The Art Of Destruction”

        Before I even started martial arts seriously I had always heard that “Karate masters” break boards. Breaking boards is a common thing in martial arts, especially Taekwondo. Not only breaking boards, but bricks and tiles and other such things. When I was a kid I always called it board breaking, and everyone else I heard talk about it called it board breaking as well. When I started Taekwondo I learned that the Korean word that means board breaking is called kyukpa, but it also refers to breaking various things as already mentioned. At Taekwondo tournaments sometimes they had a “kyukpa event.” It was also called “board breaking competition.” Never once did I hear people say, “Hey are you going to participate in destruction?” Seriously, what the heck does that mean? Why yes, I am going to participate in destroying things, in ultimate destruction. It sounds so badass!!! Grrr!!

        When people started calling it destruction it was usually the mcdojangs in town who called it that. Then when the internet got popular a few random Taekwondo groups called it destruction as well. I personally think calling kyukpa “destruction” sounds stupid. It makes me feel like I am going to participate in destroying the world and everything in it, and all people and just destroy! Destroy!! Destroooyyyoouuuu!!!! or something to that effect. I recently saw an online Taekwondo article on a website call it “the art of destruction.” It said you should “participate in the art of destruction.” What do you mean? Participate in death metal music and break guitars or burn down buildings and blow bridges up? Is the art of destruction an anti-world anti-life philosophical outlook on life? Or does it mean being a demolition man at a construction site who sets up TNT and other explosives in order to implode a building so it can be rebuilt later in a much better way? So if you are a master board breaker does that mean you are a “master in the art of destruction?” It sounds so stupid.

1. When you break boards nothing was made out of them or constructed out of them. So therefore you cannot “participate in destruction” with them since you are not tearing down a house or fence built with the wood. You cannot destroy the boards themselves either since all you are doing is breaking them in half. Now if you could bust them up into 100 pieces of wood maybe I would acknowledge that the board had in fact been destroyed. But then you would have to use those crappy “balsa wood” thin demo boards for children to try to come close. It is the same with bricks.

2. Technically all you are doing when kicking or punching through boards, bricks, tiles, ice etc. is breaking them. You are simply breaking it. It is a more proper and accurate term to call it breaking. I don’t think anyone actually destroys a board or brick when doing kyukpa.

        The English dictionary defines “destruction” as the condition of being destroyed; demolition; annihilation. This is hardly anything that happens when doing kyukpa.

        It defines “breaking” as to smash, split, or divide into parts violently; reduce to pieces or fragments. This sounds completely like what happens when doing kyukpa and is the accurate term and does not sound stupid.  

        I believe the Korean word “kyukpa” simply means “breaking” or “breaking method” when translated into English. It does not mean “destruction” or “destroying method.”

Man that board has been totally DESTROYED!! Look at it! Destroyed maaan!

But I guess all the cool mcdojang kids are using the term destruction now days because it sounds so cool and makes their Taekwondo performance sound so hardcore!!! DESTRUCTION MAN!! TAEKWONDO DESTRUCTION!!

Taekwondo Stone Hands Conditioning

        If you are going to be a serious Taekwondoin you should condition your hands and make them hard so you can punch things without breaking your hand as easy. Karate guys do, and real Taekwondo masters always have done it. The mcdojangization of Taekwondo has nearly made this type of training obsolete. Let’s bring it back! It is a black belt requirement in my program! If you do not have a makiwara try these methods in these convenient videos below! Enjoy!

Train hard! Tae Kwon Do! Hopefully you will be able to punch people’s skulls without damaging your hands! Enjoy punching people in the face!

More Taekwondo Korean’s Breaking Balsa Wood

        Here are some high pitched screaming crazy Korean Taekwondo guys breaking balsa wood with trick kicks.

Are people actually impressed with the ability to break paper thin wood pieces? Does it reflect real power and hard impact? I don’t think it does. It shows accuracy and I guess flimsy pieces floating in the wind, twisting around in the air, and  softly landing on the pavement might look more interesting than kicking paddles, but it does not show powerful striking ability or any strike that would hurt someone. Why is it that so many crazy Taekwondo demos like this have guys doing insane and inefficient kicks that are over the top, twisting and flipping in the air, but their basics or poomsae or any demonstrative action to show real martial skill is so freaking terrible? And do not even get me started on the Taekwondo dance routine they showed.

Here is an example of how stupid these flimsy boards are. In this demo video a guy holding a board is clearly seen accidentally breaking the board with his bare hands before the guy can even kick it. Then pretends like he broke it. What a joke. Here watch at 5:03:

When almost the entire martial world is engrossed in watching MMA fighting in the UFC and Bellator, GLORY Kickboxing and intense grappling challenges such as Metamoris, and many martial arts masters who train for self defense are laughing at us, why do such Taekwondoin keep doing this? People want to know why Taekwondo is a great martial art, why they should enroll in it, and how it is effective for self defense and fighting! They keep doing these demos no matter what. Instead they recruit people who lack any fighting interest and simply want to do dance numbers and show off with aerial acrobatics. It seems the madness will never stop.

Korean Tiger’s US Team. Apparently there is now a franchise going with the Korean Tiger name:

When Koreans themselves do not give a damn to promote Taekwondo as a serious fighting art and proving its worth, and do not respect their own cultures martial art with combative integrity we know Taekwondo is just going to die sooner than later. Only a ghost will remain of what once was. The only similarity left will be the wearing of a dobok…

…that is until the WTF introduces a more idiotic looking dobok that has nothing to do with the original and practical uniform that Taekwondo in Korea used with pride….and if the name Taekwondo still remains then it will just be a ghost with the name Taekwondo and nothing of the former life.