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Crossfit Cashing In On The Self Defense Craze

*Authored by White Dragon.

        Crossfit is cashing in on the self defense craze. Crossfit has always had many MMA gyms using its fitness techniques and various MMA gyms also have Crossfit certified coaches. But lately Crossfit has also been criticized by the martial arts community as not actually benefiting anyone for making them tough or strong for fighting or self defense. Some Brazilian Jiu Jistu practiiotners made fun of crossfit with this meme:

Apparently, Crossfit has teamed up with Tony Blauer to create Crossfit Defense seen below:

Crossfit Defense is basically reality based self defense for yuppies. Crossfit has already been criticized for being more of a cult than a workout gym franchise and has come under fire for causing its members injuries and has taken heavy criticism from the overall fitness community. Most personal trainers I have met shun Crossfit and think it is a gimmick. I would agree, and Crossfit Defense is just another gimmick. Crossfit realized it has no ability to save anyone’s life from attacks just because people have ripped abs and can do a bunch of sloppy kettle bell pulls and cheating pullups. They sacrifice form for higher amounts of wight and reps. Likewise from the video one can see Crossfit will sacrifice form for sloppy self defense techniques that probably will not prepare someone with a warrior mindset to fight for their lives. Buaer’s SPEARS is just the typical reality based self defense (RBSD) program that will shun the dojo and claim martial arts and self defense are not the same thing and you have to know their system as your Karate or Taekwondo is not good enough itself.

In actuality, learning a martial art system from a good instructor who promotes it as a self defense art and fighting system, taking the time to learn the techniques and master them, while keeping fit is what will make someone good at self defense. Not joining a fitness cult that is now cashing in on RSBD. RSBD always says the typical crime statistics and seems to spend more time in a classroom drawing on the board and talking about their theory of violence or aggression etc. than actually training to fight. At least at a boxing gym you will learn to fight within 2 weeks, and fight you will! RSBD constantly has guys who talk real tough, egotistical and also using casual cussing much like you see in the above video where he says the F word twice for no reason but to sound “serious maaaan!” Tony Bluaer is friends, or was friends, with Tim Larkin who created another RSBD system called Target Focus Training (TFT). I trained in TFT for 1 semester in college and met twice a week for about 2 and a half months. My opinion about TFT is that it is crap and a waste of time and also unrealistic. If Crossfit Defense is anything like typical RSBD it is going to suck. Slapping the Crossfit name on it does not make it legit and any serious fitness or martial arts expert is not going to want to be associated with cultlike fitness and RSBD programs.

Do not drink the kool aid! My guess is that your average suburbs or well to do city dweller apartment complex is going to have Crossfit chicks and dudes talking about how they know self defense and you are all wasting your time in your “krotty gyms!” Prepare to get even more annoyed. Many martial artists are also fitness fans and have 1 ear to hear the annoying pretentious crap Crossfitters spout out, now the other ear of the martial arts side is also going to get to hear more pretentious crap that Crossfitters spout out. GREAT! Yes, Crossfit is reality based fitness man! And it is also reality based self defense! No mirrors!


White Dragon is a 3rd dan Taekwondo Black Belt with over 19 years experience in the Martial Arts and head instructor of the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program.