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Moving To A New City, Crazy Neighbor, Establishing The Fence Posture

        It has been awhile since I posted anything. I recently moved to another city and had to get things situated and wait for internet service etc. Meanwhile, in this apartment complex I was unlucky enough to live in an apartment directly below an extremely obnoxious and loud person who plays video games all day and all night with a 60 inch TV and loud bass. He also stomps the floor and is a maniac and crashes around all night. He is a total lunatic and most likely mentally disabled. He is also erratic and seems violent or prone to it. But there is good news, it has been said they only have 2 months left before they move. They have already been reported for their behavior by the management. I wish they would get evicted. The guy lives with his mom.

        The other week I saw his mom outside and was polite and friendly and asked her to please make sure the noise stops. That he would stop stomping and playing loud music and video games. He also yells a lot and cusses and stamps the floor in anger. I think he is a video game addict. His mother said she would talk to her son and she acted defensive and was in denial about it. She made excuses. Nothing was done. That night maybe they were more quiet but the following days it was the same thing again.

       Maybe 5 days later I see the nutjob outside on the stairs barbecuing on the freaking stairs! Who does that?!?! The stars turn a corner and have a platform section. It is a total violation of the fire code! I brought it up and he instead becomes passive aggressive and sarcastic and tells me he can do what he wants. But then he said he would move it. Then I asked politely if he could stop stomping the floor and turn down the video games. He instantly got pissed off as if he heard it all before by other people. He started to raise his voice and tell me off. He made idiotic excuses with no logic and basically told me he could do anything he wants simply because he lives there and he does not care at all about how it affects me below him. It really was insulting and I told him that I would report him to the office if he keeps doing it. Right then he got even more pissed off and said, “What are you going to do?!?! huh what?!!? What are you going to do!??” He then ran down the rest of the steps and around the stairs toward me. He had a fork in his hand, then put it down and approached me in a challenging manner trying to get in my face. I instantly said “Stop! Don’t come ANY closer” and established the fence posture. I commanded him to go back and go away. he then stopped and realizes he made a mistake because I would destroy him since he is a pathetic excuse for a person. His violent behavior and irrationality does not compute that he is going to get his ass kicked. But he seemed to realize it then pretended he just wanted to  introduce himself and he was not trying to challenge me. It was such a joke. But I was seriously about to do what I had to do to protect myself including punching him in the face and knocking him out. The fence posture and instant defensive attitude protected me and stopped the situation from escalating.

The fence posture can work to deescalate a situation. Of course I did it more aggressively and commanding than the woman in this photo. Act like a cop like you are the authority and command them to stop coming toward you. There are different versions of the posture, some less aggressive to the extremely authoritative. Depending on your situation use common sense to calm a person down. My situation was imminent. So I became ultra authoritative. Be the defensive person and protect yourself from legal problems and show that YOU are the victim and not the aggressor for any witnesses who may be present.

        The martial artist has self control and waits for the proper and exact moment to fight. If that moment does not come, even if it was just a millisecond away the true black belt does not act more than he has to. The fence posture is a basic self defense technique taught in most courses and it works. Make sure you take action to stop a situation before it gets worse. There was no reason to physically fight over my neighborly dispute. I now learned my upstairs neighbor is mentally deranged and has serious problems. I will keep an eye out and long for the day this jackass moves. I pray for him to get evicted but it seems I will have to wait 2 months. Sleep is tough. I had not slept right for 2 weeks because of this idiot. Even one of our lights fell down from the ceiling and hung on wires because of how hard he stomps the floor. This is a struggle. But I did not get into a fight and that was a victory and he knows not to mess with me, even though he will continue to play loud bass late in the night and stomp the floor and crash around in his room at 5am every morning. What a low life.