Kido Kwan Featured My Article On General Choi’s Links To North Korea

Posted: April 27, 2017 in Taekwondo
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Kido Kwan Featured My Article On General Choi’s Links To North Korea

Geneal Choi’s Communist Sympathies Seen Through ITF

        Kido Kwan, a website about Taekwondo news and topics, and is actually ITF based has featured my article on Gernal Choi’s link to North Korea and communism. This is the article that pissed off Jasmine Choi, the grand daughter of General Choi who lives in Canada (lol). Apparently the ITF world is split up into 12 factions now and people are rejecting the communist ideals and upset about North Korea gaining control of ITF style Taekwon-Do. Kido Kwan seems open mind about Taekwondo and is not rigid or cult-like and even features Kukkiwon topics. Pretty cool. I am honored they thought my article was interesting enough to promote it on their blog. My article is part 2 in their series about North Korea’s link to the International Taekwon-Do Federation. Check out the link to my article on their website below!

Kido Kwan: General Choi’s Communist Sympathies

  1. ITF dude says:

    I’m glad not all ITF members are absolute dicks. There must be respect between the two federations or that goes against the tenets.

  2. Trev Hill says:

    I think your comments about the names of tul miss the point. The idea is that the names educate about Korean history and freedom fighters. The student can consider their work and sacrifices, using it as an example to follow. Some of the taeguk have rather confusing philosophy at first sight… oh jang represents the wind and an eldest daughter. How does that help you learn to fight?

    “Be like the wind, my friend… like your eldest daughters fart, hit them silently in the nose before they know you’ve done it!”

  3. Jake says:

    Have you seen all the political fighting, views, negative comments, jealousy and toys being thrown out of prams about this whole NK ITF representation thing going on at the WTF tournament in South Korea at the moment? It’s all from ITF people and groups because they are not being represented and I have never noticed such childish behavior in my life along with the ones over there from the USA and previously mentioned in your posts, claiming some sort of victory about TKD history and General Choi!! Pathetic.

    • White Dragon says:

      No. I really don’t give a crap what is going on in tournament with Olympic sparring or WTF poomsae tournaments. I simply just focus on Mudo. Just training for the martial art. I think the tournament crap and all of the politics are destroying the art and they would be better just focusing on martial arts as a whole.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the ITF people causing the problems as well. Bunch of brainwashed people worldwide.

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