Seems Like Everyone Is Being Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Steven Lopez

Posted: December 18, 2017 in Taekwondo
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Seems Like Everyone Is Being Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Steven Lopez

        It is so popular now for women to accuse men in the spotlight or in positions of power of sexual harassment, molestation, and rape. I found this on Youtube the other day that was posted a month ago. Apparently, women are accusing Olympic Taekwondo star Steven Lopez of rape and molestation. Bill Cospy type of stuff. Serious allegations.

Where is the proof? Simply accusing someone does not prove anything. I will need hard evidence to believe it. Steven Lopez is a ladies man and I am sure he broke a few hearts along the way, but that does not equal rape. I think Steven Lopez is boring and I am not a fan of his Olympic WTF Taekwondo stardom but he has does a lot for sport Taekwondo and will be in the hall of fame of martial arts for his accomplishments. But is he a rapist?

Honestly, a lot of allegations in the media are getting out of hand. You can destroy a persons reputation just by lying about sexual issues. What do you all think? Is Steven Lopez guilty?
Do you know of other Taekwondo or martial arts people who were involved in inappropriate sexual relations with people? It of course happens a lot where wicked people like pedophiles teach Karate or Taekwondo and find a way to be close to children, or some instructors have raped before. Do you have any stories? What should martial arts masters, athletes, and professionals do about this issue? Comment below.

  1. Shoshinstriker says:

    Yeah there hasn’t been any “proof” made public yet because the investigation is ongoing and Safe Sport seems to be acting with tact in not making every detail known while its ongoing. Both the Lopez brothers and the women should be allowed the process and have it be as professional and private as possible while everything is being evaluated. That said, as stated in the video, the allegations were first made two years ago and the investigation was started then so the implication that they were made recently to jump on some bandwagon isn’t entirely accurate. The fact is judgment should try to be reserved until all the information is known in regards to both calling Steven and Jean Lopez rapists and calling the women liars. As for what can be done Safesport actually has training and resources that one can take that is meant to educate and provide guidelines on prevention of and the handling of these cases. I have only given them the once over but it seems like a good place to start given the IOC’s dedication to addressing this problem in light of the recent scandals in various sports under their umbrella.

    • White Dragon says:

      Good point. If it did start 2 years ago that is before the whole Harvey Weinstein crap bolstered it. But you have to admit there has been an agenda starting before this to promote feminist ideas of a patriarchy and victimization of women. Always been there. But if it is true that he did this stuff of course he should be punished. It will be a really bad thing for Taekwondo if he did do it. That you cannot always trust your instructors and high level stars or teamates in Taekwondo who are supposed to be living with 5 tenets of Taekwondo. I think hardly anyone actually follow the 5 tenets of Taekwondo in reality. They just give lip service.

      It is true that often times women w have been burned or feel hurt lash out in the most extreme ways possible to damage of man. There are some women who do that. Like LeBron James scandal with that woman who claimed he raped her. So if Lopez makes some settlement and pays women off who knows….But he is saying absolutely not, he did not do it.

  2. White Dragon says:

    If Steven Lopez did do stuff like that he is a bigger douche than I thought he was….I mean I always thought he was boring and annoying and only caring about WTF sparring is lame. And his kiap is annoying with his “Towwwww!!!!” high pitch bitch howling.

    Anyway here is the article from USAToday:

  3. Josh says:

    The president of the USAT stepped down last year after it came out they didn’t take complaints of sexual misconduct very seriously. I think the FBI is even investigating them.

    Considering this happened before the #MeToo onslaught — and that high-level sports in general seem to be rife with sexual exploitation — I’m kind of leaning towards the idea he might have conducted himself this way.

    It’s not “hard” evidence — there rarely is any hard evidence in these sorts of cases. But they can get direct evidence, i.e. the testimonies of witnesses involved.

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