So Why Isn’t President Trump Being Given An Honorary Taekwondo Black Belt?

Posted: January 13, 2019 in Taekwondo
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So Why Isn’t President Trump Being Given An Honorary Taekwondo Black Belt?

        The WTF as it was known before they went PC and changed it to World Taekwondo has often given out honorary black belts to many famous people and politicians. Back in 2009 President Barrack Hussein Obama was given an honorary black belt in Taekwondo by then Korean president Lee Myung-bak. What did he do to earn it? Basically the same thing he did to earn his Nobel Peace Prize: nothing.

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President Trump on the other hand has only done more than any president in history to bring a REAL peace and unity to North Korea and South Korea.

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Even the Kukkiwon idiots like Conan O’Brien was given a black belt by the Kukkiwon in 2016.
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Russian President Putin was given an honorary 9th dan black belt as I mentioned before on this blog. But he at least is a martial artist and promotes martial arts in his country (even if I do not like him and do not trust him). What pisses me off is how they are ignoring the historic progress that American President Donald Trump has actually done for Korea. The first time since the Korean war we see an actual chance for peace in the Korean peninsula. If it was not for President Trump, Kim Jung Eun would not be talking to South Korea and talking about denuclearization.  It is an insult and outrageous that President Trump was not also given an honorary black belt rank when he went to Korea. What a joke the Korean president is and you can tell that there is a swamp that needs to be drained in Korea just as is in the United States within government there.
Team USA Road to London 100 Days Out Celebration
President Trump is a fan of combat sports “bigley.” He has been around in the boxing scene and MMA scene for a long time as a fan and supporter. He was a supporter of MMA since it’s early days and UFC.

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The current president, Moon Jae-in is a leftist shill and a globalist. He most likely does not like Trump and does not want to give him the credit he deserves. The WT and Kukkiwon are very selective in who they give out honorary dan ranks to. It is obvious it is pure politics which have drained down into how the Kukkiwon and the WT are run currently. Instead of being objective they side with whoever supports their weak and watered down agenda. This is why Taekwondo is always being used to further a globalist agenda and believes they can help create a 1 world society and Taekwondo is somehow at the forefront of this. What I do not get is that so many Koreans are extremely nationalistic and biased about their nation, but have a facade of being inclusive. I imagine it is whatever benefits their government and leaders to give them accolades and money. Prestige within the world stage and power. But really inside they are Korean nationalists, yet are soft on communism and socialism. This is why President Trump is being ignored as a serious candidate for an honorary black belt. In my opinion he deserves and honorary 9th dan since these are not actually given out for any martial arts merit and the fact he got North Korea and South Korea to get together seriously and plan out a path to peace and unity. No other U.S. president was able to do that. Trump is more of a fighter than Obama ever was.
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  1. Hamilcar says:

    Dude, I had no idea they handed out Black Belts like that. I knew they gave one to Chuck Norris, but he’s Chuck Norris and does Korean martial arts, anyway.

    Best I can figure, is that the Kukkiwon doesn’t want to steal any thunder from Moon. But, then, if Moon doesn’t have a black belt already, Why not just give one to both of them? Or the Kukkiwon are also bereft with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  2. Michael Brown says:

    Oh…I dunno…maybe because :
    1. No one actually earns an “honorary” anything…that’s why they prefix any such “award” with the word “honorary”….
    2. People who receive “honorary” gifts do so because those presenting them such honors…actually…you know…believe that the recipient is worthy of being “honored”
    3. Donald Trump is a con-man….a fucking criminal, a racist and Nazi sympathizer. Those kinds of people usually aren’t the recipients of “honorific” titles.
    4. North Korea is back to doing exactly what President Stupid claimed they would no longer pursue because of the love letters sent between him and Kim Jong Il….so yeah….Trump has done exactly FUCK ALL for Korean unification…or for putting a halt to North Korea’s nuclear program
    5. Thanks for pointing out what a racist peice of shit you likely are with that whole “I gotta spell out his whole name because I am just that much of a dumb as fuck, racist cretin whom lost his shit when the black guy won the presidency not once…but twice and proved all of my stereotypes of black people wrong by actually fixing yet another conservative/rightwing fuck up that nearly took down the world’s economy and generally made life better for everyone….to all remind you that he is “the other” : Barack Hussien Obama”
    6. …oh…and LOLz at this being what you choose to piss blood about…..this fucking clown may represent the end of our republic as we know it and you are crying about how the WTF didn’t award him a meaningless title.

  3. Greywolf says:

    Hell yeah! And I bet trump kicked ass at that last meeting and it was a huge success!… Oh trump stormed off without an agreement. Well at least that shows he’ll be tough on them and hold the regime accountable for their crimes.
    well that’s not good. And he’s still calling for a hold on joint military drills with South Korea, huh. I guess that’s a alpha move though. Show them how little we care about what they can do to a trusted ally! We have bigger fish to fry! You’re right about that globalist leftist moon not wanting to give trump credit. Even though he said trump deserves credit for opening negotiations with the north way back in 2018 and has since called for negotiations to resume since the breakdown I’m sure he’s got some nefarious plan against our great leader and is in no way doing what he believes is best for his people who live in constant threat of attack and at the whim of Kim and the USA. Give trump the belt that’s what matters!!!

    • White Dragon says:

      This is a Taekwondo blog. It is not a political blog necessarily. The discussion is Trump has really done a lot for Korea far more than any president before him. You cannot dispute this and you are wrongfully criticizing him on his last meeting. At least he had a meeting and is in peaceful talks with Kim. Do you think Trump should take a deal where North Korea keeps nuclear testing? Why?

      Also, tell me what Obama did to deserve an honorary black belt and what Conan Obrien did to also get one? Point being is Trump should get one. Why should he not?

  4. Greywolf says:

    Well since you apparently didn’t like my last comment and didn’t allow it pass moderation I’ll try less snark. While trump meeting directly with Kim is historic as we saw last week it was a failure and he left the talks with no deal putting relations back to where they were or maybe even worse. He claims that Kim asked for too much but even so he refuses to get tough with them even going so far as to say he believes Kim when he says he didn’t know Otto Warmbier was tortured and doesn’t hold him responsible. Additionally he has continued to call for an end to joint military drills with South Korea, effectively hanging them out to dry. And while we’re on South Korea president Moon has always given Trump credit for the talks he’s done so since 2018 and even now is trying to get everyone back in the same room. Oh and as a side note just because he doesn’t Kowtow to the president every single day like you’d like doesn’t mean he’s out to undermine trump. He leads a country that lives under constant threat of artillery attack and at the whim of the north and USA. He doesn’t have the benefit to act like a cowboy in a saloon. Finally to call trump more of a fighter than Obama is objectively laughable. Obama was raised in what some call a broken home and even by his grandparents for awhile he attended two Ivy League Unicersitys and built his political clout by fighting for people’s civil rights and organizing marginalized communities. He was a shit president but he did fight. Trump was given millions by his dad, tricked the banks into giving him more and lost it all in bad investments and casinos. He then spent almost two decades selling the only thing he had, his name, to anyone who would buy including Pizza Hut. Also he’s threatened his former schools to never release his grades. Beyond that the man is lazy and out of shape. He truly believes exercise uses your bodies “finite” energy not exactly a fighter. So I hope this comment meets your standards. Have a good day.

    • White Dragon says:

      You really love being a snarky little twit don’t you?

      Obama a fighter? Whatever, dude never had a real job in his life and played community organizer and politics. Trump also has helped marginalized peoples and unlike Obama he actually got results such as very low black and hispanic unemployment in America. He also is fighting hard to protect our borers and keep America first.

      You can disagree all you want.

      Obama did nothing for the Korean Peninsula. Do you want world war 3 to happen? It seems so. Trump actually has Kim in person talking to him and also NK and SK talking in person to each other.

      Trump definitely deserves an honorary TKD black belt just for that. Sine WTF and KKW want to give them out to idiots like Conan Obrian. Why not give them out to people who actually accomplish things?

      • Greywolf says:

        Firstly I do sincerely apologize for the double comment. I thought my first one had gotten rejected in the moderating process and I truly wanted to engage you. Believe it or not I am a long time reader. That said I stand by statements and I admit to liking some snark. Mostly because you right wing guys are piss easy to rile up.
        As for your rebuttal, yes it’s a martial arts blog. A blog where the words globalists, leftists and PC are getting sprinkled in more and more as of late. And let’s not forget your previous crusade to remind everyone ITF is from NK, NK says they’re communist, communism is bad, ITF communist therefore ITF bad. Face it bud you’ve been a political blog for a long time. As for Obama I’d say constitutional lawyer is a pretty decent, important and REAL job. Also why are you so upset that someone who actually worked with his community and cared about it’s people would want to be a politician to help make changes? I never said he deserved a black belt and neither does Conan O’Brien. You’ve said it yourself it’s meaningless so why are you so upset about it? But back to Trump what was his real job? Was it when he was a failed real estate developer? Failed casino owner? Failed University owner? Or when he was a tv pitchman for junk food? Yes the mans rich but he didn’t earn it. And he’s never thought about helping anyone. As much as I hate a lot what Obama did during his presidency he at least came originally from a place of serving the community. As for the border yeah it’s a bang up job. Those four year olds in cages sure look dangerous. Also look up the exercise thing. Trump really thinks exercise kills you faster. Oh stop it with the “YoU mUsT wAnT waR” you unimaginative dullard. If trump accidentally falls into a peace agreement I’ll be thrilled and will admit he did good. My problem is the peace process should be lead by the two koreas and not a guy who used to hock pizzas. Also it shouldn’t be done at the expense of our allies. Further to the point they were talking long before the first trump meeting and if I recall every other time the south showed good will to the north you complained it was somehow legitimizing the government. Black unemployment down is a great thing! But it was already headed that way for a few years and economists say the economy isn’t a presidents till about a year and a half in. We’ve passed that I know and I’m looking at the jobs report from last month is looking a little slow. But we’ll see, if it keeps up positive I’ll say he may have a win there. It should be noted though his rental properties have been sued in the past for discrimination against minorities and he has a history of trying to force low income families out their rent controlled homes. Real man of the people. As for honorary black belts, they’re hokey, childish and cheapen the achievements of the actual practitioners whether they go to Putin, Conan or Trump.

      • White Dragon says:

        Na man….what you are spouting are talking points that are not accurate and do not take other things into account. You wrote a book basically.

        My point in this article was to state, well if you are giving out these honorably belts at least admit Trump deserves one to the WTF and Kukkiwon. And he does.

        We are just going to have to disagree. You said your peace. I stated mine in the article. That is all. See I believe in free speech even if you disagree with me and I will not wear a mask, throw bricks at you, slash your tires, or shout you down in a restaurant over it. Have a nice day.

    • White Dragon says:

      It’s funny how tirggered you get over this Trump post but never did I see you post much about other Taekwondo topics on this blog.

      You will not give credit where it is due and say things like “Oh well they were going to do it anyway!”

      So why didn’t Korea and North Korea talk during Obama? Why didn’t Obama go to meet with Kim?

      You claim Trump is not responsible for the better economy and higher employment. Whatever dude Obama spent trillians of dollars. Putting us further in debt beyond all our US presidents combined.

      Trump really did a lot and set things in motion for serious peace talks for once and he deserves credit and if anyone deserve an honorary black belt who is not a martial artist it is Trump for that.

      You talk like an Antifa shill and not a martial artist. I have never protected nazis or body guarded a nazi. You listen to lies. You apparently read Eugene Antifa’s article.

      Can you say betaaaaa? Amazing!

  5. Icalldebs says:

    Your writing reminds me of something a stoned high school sophomore would turn in to get a D.

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