The President Of The Kukkiwon Was Arrested Last Night

Posted: December 13, 2018 in Taekwondo
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The President Of The Kukkiwon Was Arrested Last Night

        President Oh Hyun Deuk of the Kukkiwon was arrested last night on corruption charges. Read about it here at the Korea Herald. The allegations of obstruction of business and violation of political funding law were the charges. So whatever that means.

Here is a Facebook post about it Oh Hyun Deuk arrested.

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It does not surprise me that something like this would happen. The Kukkiwon as always had a lot of corruption in it’s ranks and it always made me angry. I really hope the Kukkiwon reforms and focuses on actual martial arts and developing Taekwondo as a fighting art and only hiring 9th dan black belts who are legitimate martial arts grandmasters to be presidents of the Kukkiwon.

Oh Hyun Deuk was the president when I was doing my Foreign Master Instructor certification in Korea at the Kukkiwon in 2016. He gave us a big speech about promoting Kukki-Taekwondo. Anyway, whatever.

  1. Jay says:

    Thats dishonorable

    Korea needs a reset back to traditional values like honor, respect, dignity and rediscover the value of real Taekwondo and martial arts in general.

    Thanks for the news and continuous support for true Taekwondo

  2. Hamilcar says:

    This feels like a proper sequel to yesterday’s post. Other martial arts have so much better headquarters and orgs. Look at the ones in China where their students, let alone their masters, are performing nigh superhuman feats. Kukkiwon? Fashion shows and K-pop. I blame it on Taekwondo getting in the olympics in the first place. E.Asia has such a hard-on for the Olympics and think it’s the pinnacle of sports (no. It’s the pinnacle of Olympic sports. It’s its own thing.). Ever since then, the olympics and popularity is all the Kukkiwon cared about. And it’s a shame, because Taekwondo really is likely the best fighting system out there. It has the advantage of being the evolution of karate and Chinese martial arts. Even the focus on fancy kicks makes sure the practioner always has a next level to get to to improve explosiveness and strength. But no. Let’s try to be popular and get in the Olympics.

    I hope this guy getting arrested becomes the change we need in the Kukkiwon.

    • White Dragon says:

      Yeah some others got arrested too. I agree with you man. Kukkiwon wa said to be the mecca and symbol of true Korean Taekwondo. It was the spirit of the south Korean people as well. Now it is just a scam and dishonorable enterprise. It angers me so much. I believe in the office/symbol of the Kukkiwon itself but do not respect the people running it. I hate how they allowed non Taekwondo people to run it.

      The WTF and Kukkiwon only care about money and doing stupid globalist crap. Seriously, globalists have taken over TKD and there is no wonder so much corruption is there wit their world-wide connections.

  3. Trev Hill says:

    I haven’t always agreed with some of your views on your blood g but I am really upset for genuine Kukki-stylists who are training hard and giving great examples of their art only to be let down by whores and pimps in their governing bodies.

    Sadly it seems WTF/Kukkiwon officials have some predisposition to the greasy palm technique, as seen with the late founder of WTF, Dr Kim.

    Ideally these whores could be stuffed into a kick bag and used at the next training session. As it is, we can hope they enjoy counting their stripes on their new uniforms.

    • White Dragon says:

      That is correct. It is the criminals who give Kukki-TKD a bad name and embarass us. They are the idiots who thought WTF rules were good as long as they get into the stupid olympic, brought us the idiotic TKD dancing demos and other bullshit. It is these morons who make Taekwondo suck.

      I respect the office of the KKW and I believe Taekwondo in Korea needs a KKW just as Judo as a Kodokan and other styles have a organization and ranking and a headquarters. So respect the symbol or the history or what it is supposed to be and live it out. get your rank but ignore the idiots who ruin stuff. But if the KKW totally crumbles and ceases to exist TKD is going to have so many groups form. They already do but there will be more.

      I really don’t think the kwan system is important or needs to happen. It i sa good history and fraternal stuff but bringing it back will just cause chaos. Either you like Taekwondo or you want to practice something else.

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