Bring Back Oldschool Taekwondo T-Shirt Promotion!

Posted: November 14, 2018 in Taekwondo
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Bring Back Oldschool Taekwondo T-Shirt Promotion!

Oldschool Taekwondo. 1955- the 60’s and early 70’s. Then we had the 1980’s and early 90’s before the old Taekwondo we grew up loving was lost completely to mcdojangism. Now Taekwondo is all about being hokey with “globalism” and Taekwondo dancing and other nonsense that is far removed from the deadly martial art we joined to learn how to fight! Show your support for a returned focus on the combat art of Korean Taekwondo! Get this shirt and wear it proudly to your dojang, a tournament, and just on the street. The Tshirt is high quality with print on the front and the back letting the world know how yo feel about the current state of Taekwondo. Proceeds will help fund this blog!

  1. Jay says:

    Hey man, hows it going.

    Hey I just want to thank you for standing up for Real Taekwondo this whole time. As a current student of old school Taekwondo its been really bothering me how much absolute hate ive seen towards this martial art. To sum things up: Im Korean and i hate K POP i think its turning our country into pussies, i think our people need to be slapped tf back into Warrior class, All these mcdojos here are ABSOLUTELY SHIT and b4 someone says im too offensive they can suck my sparring glove.

    Thanks again man. Do you have an instagram?
    Nice rash guard!

    Happy holidays and have a great day

    • White Dragon says:

      Thank you and it is encouraging to hear from you! So many people hate me for speaking the truth on this blog. A lot of hate comes from the mcdojang world and the kpop and tricking world.

      Yeah look up WhiteDragonDojang on instagram.

      Where do you live? In Korea? Or overseas? I lived in Korea for 1 year teaching English.

      Yeah so many Koreans need to be slapped back into the warrior class becuase your military is so weak. Why is it weak? Many of the boys get pissed and cry just to serve 2 years. Also, it is not like they have to give up life. It;s only 2 years and they get paid right? They also have no desire to fight for their country and are physically weak. Very skinny people and no athleticism much. Just want to work in an office in Hyundae or Samsung. Your society set it up that way though. SO North Korea if they do change their mind about peace have very ideologically driven soldiers who will die for their nation and the Kim dynasty and are hardcore. So I always worried and knew without the US soldiers on the border Korea is screwed.

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